Facts on Andrew Forrest’s Wife

Nicola Forrest Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family: Facts on Andrew Forrest’s Wife

Nicola Forrest Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family: Facts on Andrew Forrest’s Wife

In October 2020, an Australian billionaire businessman Andrew Forrest bought RM Williams, an iconic bootmaker company from Australia. The new owner of RM Williams is a married man and has long been married to his wife, Nicola Forrest. 

Nicola Forrest has mostly been in the shadows of the riches life of her husband, Andrew Forrest. But her charity work for the past few years has earned her media attention and public attention at best.

Name Nicola Forrest
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Philanthropist
Married/Single Married
Husband Andrew Forrest
Children 3
Divorce No
Twitter @NicolaForrest5

Find out some interesting facts about billionaire Andrew Forrest’s wife Nicole Forrest including her age, Wikipedia, family background, and more. 

10 Facts on Nicola Forrest

  1. Nicola Forrest is co-founder and co-chairperson of the Minderoo Foundation, a modern philanthropic organization. Nicola Forrest is also a philanthropist.
  2. Forrest is best known as the wife of Australian billionaire businessman Andrew Forrest. She is married to Andrew for a long time now. 
  3. The exact detail about Nicola and Andrew Forrest’s wedding and dating is not public. The couple has three children together. 
  4. In 2017 Andrew Forrest donated his youngest daughter Sophia Foreest’s inheritance. Andrew donated $400 million to charity. This is the single largest donation by single personnel in Australian history.
  5. For some years now, Nicola Forrest is working on diversifying her Minderoo Foundation. For her social work, Forrest was awarded the University of Canberra’s Chancellor’s Award in 2014.
  6. Forrest is also the Director of the Black Swan Theatre Company.
  7. Though the detail about Nicola Forrest’s net worth is not public, her husband Andrew is worth $12.6 billion in 2020.
  8. In 2013, Nicola Forrest along with her husband Andrew became the first Australians to pledge the majority of wealth to charity.
  9. Andrew was born in a well to do family in Perth, Australia. The detail about Nicola’s family background and parents are not public.
  10. Her husband is now 59 years old. Nicola could be around the same age.

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