GOP Megadonor And Public Heiress

Julie Jenkins Fancelli: GOP Megadonor Wikipedia And Net Worth

Julie Jenkins Fancelli: GOP Megadonor Wikipedia And Net Worth

Julie Jenkins Fancelli is the heiress of a multi-billion dollar company Publix Super Markets Inc, founded by her father, George W. Jenkins. She is an active Trump supporter and donated millions of dollars to the Trump reelection campaign.

Fancelli caught the attention of many people following the storming of rioters to the US Capitol for ‘Save America March,’ as she was accused of sponsoring the march. On facing the public’s backlash, the company claimed that Fancelli neither represents the company nor runs any business associated with the company. 

Quick Facts: Julie Jenkins Fancelli: GOP Megadonor Wikipedia And Net Worth

Name Julie Jenkins Fancelli
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Businesswoman
Parents George W. Jenkins and Anne MacGregor
Siblings Nancy Jenkins, Howard Jenkins, Carol Jenkins, Delores Jenkins,Kenneth Jenkins, and David Jenkins
Married/Single Married
Husband Mauro Adolfo Dino Fancelli

10 Facts About Julie Jenkins Fancelli

  1. Julie Jenkins Fancelli is the successor of Publix Super Markets Inc., a grocery store chain worth $9 billion.
  2. Despite being one of the popular members of the 39th richest family in the USA, Julie Jenkins Fancelli does not have a bio on the Wikipedia page.
  3. Julie Jenkins Fancelli’s birthdate and age are concealed as she is private regarding her personal life.
  4. She is famous as GOP Megadonor as she donated $300,000 for the US Capitol Riot. Julie Jenkins Fancelli’s net worth is estimated in millions.
  5. She is the daughter of parents, the late George W. Jenkins and Anne MacGregor. Fancelli has six siblings Nancy Jenkins, Carol Jenkins, David Jenkins, Howard Jenkins, Delores Jenkins, and Kenneth Jenkins in her family.
  6. Fancelli is married to an Italian Business owner husband, Mauro Adolfo Dino Fancelli. They met at the University of Florida. The couple runs the business of fruits and vegetables, Heavy claims.
  7. In addition to the US capitol riot donation, Fancelli also donated $2.6 million to Republican causes, $1 million to the Trump election cycle, about $2 million to the Trump Victory PAC, $550,000 to the Republican National Committee. All these donations were made between 2016 and 2020.
  8. Publix Services Inc released a statement claiming Fancelli was not involved in any of the company’s business. However, she held the job as the president for the George W. Jenkins charitable foundation associated with the company. This information was gathered from the Tax Filings.
  9. Fancelli contacted the radio host Alex Jones to contribute to Capitol Riot.
  10. The family has a 20% share of the Publix company, while its employees own an 80% share.

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