How To Do Basketball Beer Challenge On TikTok?

Basketball Beer Challenge On TikTok Explained: How To Do Basketball Beer Challenge On TikTok?
Basketball Beer Challenge On TikTok Explained: How To Do Basketball Beer Challenge On TikTok?

A new tiktok trend has just went viral. It’s called “Basketball Beer Challenge” and it’s definitely worth a try.

Isn’t it amazing the tiktok always keeps you up with the refreshments everyday? Everyday, there are some really funny and adventurous content getting a trend on the video networking site. I mean, A social networking site doesn’t have billion users in vain obviously. 

As for the tiktok trends, the latest thing to go trending on Tiktok is “Basketball Beer Challenge.” It is really a dificult and engaging approach made by the tiktok creators. If you’re getting bored in your home, perhaps it is the time for virtual tic tacs. 

You still remember the bottle flip challenge, don’t you? Or the charger coin challenge. Well, this one is quite similar to the bottle flip challenge but in contrast it is more difficult than the former one. 


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If you are wondering about the Basketball Beer challenge that everyone is boasting about at the social media, you can’t be in a better place than this. 

What is the Basketball Beer Challenge on Tikok?

During the time of pandemic, you surely are feeling a little off and bored at times at home. It is completely normal though. After all we have been stuck indoors for more than 4 months now. Absolute agony. 

But the trends like this can help you get your amusement back. The recent tiktok videos are all flooded with the Basketball Beer Challenge. So here is the exposure of how this challenge really is. 

Basketball Beer challenge is a sort of bottle flip challenge. But in may ways it is different and crazier than the former one. But equally or even more engagaing and entertaining.

You will need a Basketball and a Beer bottle to perform the challenge. You have to place the Beer bottle above the Basketball. 

First of all, you need to balance the beer bottle above the ball. But it isn’t the hardest part. The twist is that you now should bounce the basketball and flip the beer bottle in the air. While doing so, the bottle shouldn’t fall to the ground. Afterwards, you catch the bottle and drink beer from it.

I know how it sounds. Crazy, right? But equally interesting. This one will keep you up and going for a long period of time for sure.


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 How popular is this challenge on Tiktok?

Extravagantly popular. The trend has not been going on for a long time. It was just started 2 or 3 days back. And the videos with hashtag #BasketballBeerChallenge have gathered more than 50 Million views already.

Likewise, there are million of other engagements like comments and likes on such videos as well. 

On the verge of it’s popularity, the challenge was also done by John Walsh. You do remember John Walsh, don’t you? If you don’t, think about the president of the United States. Yes, he is the tiktok creator who does the impersonation of Donald Trump.

The tiktoker has made a video as a modified form of the challenge. He uses a water bottle instead of beer bottle and finally drinks water with one end. He captions it as, “Trump can totally drink water with one hand.” The funny Trump of Tiktok has been gaining popularity ever since his first video.


Trump “can totally” drink water with one hand 🍼🏀##basketballchallenge ##beerbasketballrocket ##basketballbeerchallenge ##bottlerocket ##donaldtrump

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Similarly, there are a lot of videos made on the challenge. There have been many fails and tries. Some of them are funny in their own way. 

And for you, it perhaps has been boring all day at home. You should probably try that challenge yourself. If you’re under age, use a water bottle instead.  

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