Is Andrew Braddock Missing? Tiktok Viral Video, Bio, Family

Is Andrew Braddock Missing? Tiktok Video And Quibi Show

Is Andrew Braddock Missing? Tiktok Video And Quibi Show

Andrew Braddock is not missing, the is an Australian member of parliament is in his home in the Capital territory. However, fans on TikTok are confused that he is missing due to the Quibi video that has gone viral on TikTok. 

You might remember Quibi as an ambitious streaming platform targeted towards mobile viewers.

A video of the show Quibi’s show Wireless went viral on TikTok on which an actor plays a character by the name of Andrew Braddock says that he is missing. 

Name Andrew Braddock
Birthday 1978
Age 41-42
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Profession Political Party
Married/Single Married


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10 Facts About Andrew Braddock

  1. Andrew Braddock is not missing, he is the member of parliament representing the Greens political party. He has been confused by TikTokers as an actor playing the character of ‘Andrew Braddock’.
  2. Actor Tye Sheridan played the role of Andrew Braddock in the Quibi show Wireless.
  3.  On a clip of the show that has gone viral on TikTok, the actor, who is in character, says that he is Andrew Braddock and he never made it out of here. 
  4. According to the politician Braddock’s bio, he was born in 1978 and is in his early 40s.
  5. The actor in the viral TikTok video is ‘Tye Sheridan’ and is 23 years old. 
  6. This source reports that people think the video is real because the show was not that popular and nobody watched the actual clip. 
  7. The video clip was uploaded on 7 October 2020 by a user named ‘ineedhelp438’. TikTok has not uploaded any other videos than the viral Braddok video. 
  8. However, the video has amassed more than 5.8 million views. 
  9. The video is not real and is a TV show however, people are concerned that the Member of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly is missing. 
  10. As per this source, he is a father and has a young family. 





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