Is Dustin Poirier Gay? Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Rumors

Is Dustin Poirier Gay? Sexuality Rumors And More To Follow

Is Dustin Poirier Gay? Sexuality Rumors And More To Follow

Is Dustin Poirier gay? Well his sexuality is not gay. He is already married to his girlfriend so the matter of boyfriend comes from nowhere. Learn more about him.

Dustin is a famous UFC fighter. He expertise in mixed martial arts and is also a philanthropist. In his fighting career since 2009, he has won several championships. Moreover, he is a former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion.

As of 2021, he is ranked no.1 in UFC’s lightweight ranking and no.6 in UFC’s men pound-for-pound ranking. He has had a successful career so far. 

Is Dustin Poirier Gay? His Sexuality

No, Dustin Poirier is not gay. 

His sexuality is confirmed to be male. He has a straight sexual orientation. 

Moreover, he is not drawn to any LGBTQ rumors so far in his life. He is already a married guy and a father, so there is no pace to question his sexuality.


Who is Dustin Poirier Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Meet His Partner

Dustin Poirier neither has a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

He is a married man. Besides that, he is not reported to have other relationships.

His wife is Jolie Poirier. They are married for some years. They also have a daughter named Parker Noelle Poirier, and she was born on August 20, 2016. Dustin and Jolie have had a healthy relationship so far.

However, Jolie’s rumors with Dustin’s opponent Conor McGregor has seems to affect them a bit.

Rumors About His Wife

Dustin Poirier is married to Jolie Poirer for some years.

There is no exact date of their marriage found. However, they had welcomed their first child as a daughter in 2016.

Recently, his wife’s attitude towards his opponent has heated the internet. It is reported that Jolie is a bit nicer to Conor and was also there to meet him in his dressing room after the fight between Dustin and Conor.

Moreover, Conor had shared the Instagram DM request of Jolie. Whether she had ill intentions or not, it is yet to be proved. 

However, her contact with Conor is sure to affect her relationship with Dustin. 

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