Is Ewan Mcgregor Gay? Meet His Wife And Girlfriend

Halston Actor Ewan Mcgregor Sexuality: Is He Gay?

Halston Actor Ewan Mcgregor Sexuality: Is He Gay?

Is Ewan McGregor Gay? Netflix Halston director is not gay and was married to a former wife. Let us find out more about his dating life.

Ewan is a well-acknowledged Scottish actor known for his works in Black Hawk Down, Stormbreaker. Likewise, he is also famous Amelia, The Impossible, American Pastoral, Birds of Prey, and many more.

Is Ewan McGregor Gay?

Ewan McGregor is not gay.

He is straight and has led a romantic relationship with the opposite sex as well.

While he pursued the role in Ryan Murphy’s Halston, he was concerned about just one thing. The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that he was more concerned that bringing up his role on a gay icon like Halston might result in a backlash.

Previously, McGregor played the gay character in the movie named I Love You, Philip Morris, alongside veteran comedian Jim Carrey.

But his on-screen roles have nothing to do with his real-life experiences.

Meet His Wife

Currently, Ewan McGregor does not have a wife.

But he was previously married to his ex-wife Eve Mavrakis.

They were married for two and a half decades. They tied their nuptial knot on July 22, 1995, which lasted until August 13, 2020.

McGregor had already filed a divorce from Mavrakis in January 2018, which got finalized a couple of years later.

In the long run of their marital relationship, the lovebirds welcomed four children, namely, Clara Mathilde McGregor, Jamyan McGregor, Anouk McGregor, and Esther Rose McGregor.

Who Is Ewan’s Girlfriend: Partner And Dating Life

Ewan McGregor is currently dating his girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

He moved on with his love interest once he filed a divorce paper against his ex-wife, Eve Mavrakis, in January 2018.

Ewan and Mary are dating for more than three years now.

In an interview with Men’s journal, Ewan mentioned his relationship with Mary stating, ‘I am better. I am happier.’

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