Is He Still Married To Melissa Lucarelli?

Dino Hira MAFS: Age, Job, Instagram: Is He Still Married To Melissa Lucarelli?

Dino Hira MAFS: Age, Job, Instagram: Is He Still Married To Melissa Lucarelli?

Dino Hira is a meditation coach and TV personality best known for his time in the reality show Married At First Sight. Is He Still Married To Melissa Lucarelli? Well, they split back in March 2019 after a bombshell recording dropped. 

He got married to Melissa Lucarelli as per the show and has undergone a massive transformation since being paired with her. 

He has shed his clean good-boy image to become a ripped hunk. the star was almost not recognized by his fans who had only seen him as a normal everyday man with a lanky build. 

Name Dino Hira
Age 36
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Profession Meditation Coach; Wellbeing Coach
Married/Single Single
Instagram dino_hira

10 Facts About Dino Hira

  1. Dino Hira’s birthday is not available in the public domain but he is 36 years old as of November 2020 as reported by the Daily Mail. 
  2. Before becoming a national TV personality, Dino Hira had a job as a meditation coach.
  3. He said that he had found meditation as a way to guide through life after a broken engagement. 
  4. Meditation coach turned TV personality, Dino Hira, is popular on social media and has more than 91,000 followers on his Instagram account. 
  5. He joined Married At First Sight in 2019 and became an instant fan favorite, he shared the tragic story of his former relationships. 
  6. The show paired him with Melissa Lucarelli and they went off on their marital journey together, however, things did not last and they split. 
  7. Dino shared that the reason for their split was that he heard Melissa constantly insult him and go behind his back to say hurtful things about him.  
  8. Mel hit back and said that she was just talking about the relationship and that he had blown things out of proportion. 
  9. Either way, their relationship ended and the two have since gone their own ways. 
  10. Things quieted down between the two and they had been mostly out of the spotlight in 2020 when Dino shared his extreme body transformation going from a lean man to a ripped hunk. 

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