Thanksgiving TikTok Meme Explained: #Thanksgiving Hashtag Trending

Thanksgiving TikTok Meme Explained: #Thanksgiving Hashtag Trending

Thanksgiving TikTok Meme Explained: #Thanksgiving Hashtag Trending

TikTok memes are usually based on recent happenings, and the Thanksgiving TikTok meme is one of such memes. Thanksgiving is a famous national holiday celebrated around the world especially in the part of northern and southern America.

So, Thanksgiving in TikTok is one of the most trendy hashtags during this period. Tiktok is especially known for different kinds of short and entertaining video so goes with the thanksgiving meme and it wishes.

During Thanksgiving day there are several stickers and memes that trends on social media handle especially on TikTok. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated to thanks harvesting and other past blessings.

Similarly, this year it is celebrated on November 26, 2020, and it is a national holiday all around the country. 

Thanksgiving TikTok Meme Explained

There are a lot of memes regarding the celebration of thanksgiving and its blessing. So is the turkey dancing move meme. People can usually record video and add a turkey dancing beside them and wish all his fellow followers thanksgiving.

Another meme and its celebration is the Thankful effect where you could use it for what you’re thankful for. 

Thanksgiving TikTok Meme goes more interesting when they add the TikTok thanksgiving effect. People usually post on social media what they are thankful for and they make all sorts of funny and mindblowing videos to entertain the audience.

So thanksgiving goes with a lot of blessings and with a lot of memes at the same time.

 #Thanksgiving Hashtag Trending on TikTok and its Origin

 #Thanksgiving is trending all over different social media including TikTok. In the current time, period #Thanksgiving and #happythanksgiving is the most used hashtag with over 2.3 billion views and 2.9 billion views similarly.

Thanksgiving holiday is considered to be one of the busiest holidays in the country. Thanksgiving origin was started back on November 26, 1961, where native Americans shared an autumn feast which is now considered as thanksgiving.

Later during the time of George Washinton in 1789, he claimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday and since then it is celebrated every year. It is celebrated by exchanging food and meals among family members.

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