Is Jadakiss Vegan? Wife Meme And Arrested Rumors

Is Jadakiss Vegan? Get To Know His Food Habits

Is Jadakiss Vegan? Get To Know His Food Habits

Is Jadakiss vegan? Yes, he is living a meat and dairy-free life for some years. Learn about his wife and arrest rumors below. 

Jason Terrance Philips, known by his stage name Jadakiss, is an American rapper. Yonkers’s native and black man had started his career in freestyle rap back in 1994. 

Though he had started his career because of family financial pressure, now, he has established himself as the most decorated rapper in America. 

Coming out from the drugs addiction and tramp style lifestyle, Jadakiss is now a vegan and celebrates his life, along with other creatures’ lives. However, he often gets into controversies and rumors. 

Recently, he is dragged into a murder controversy, and there are lots of rumors about him circulating on the internet.  

Is Jadakiss Vegan? 

Yes, Jadakiss is a Vegan. He had turned vegan a few years back with his friend and group member Styles P.

Styles P had turned himself vegan back in 2003. Later on, he collaborated with Jadakiss, and they founded Juices For Life. They served vegan juices, and the franchise of the juice bar went famous in no time.

Jadakiss says he wants to have a healthy lifestyle; also, he mentions it is necessary to have a happy meal and food habits. He has now completely stopped eating meat and dairy products. Moreover, he is concerned for animal lives and is associated with PETA.

Although being vegan and eating healthy is good, his lifestyle caused him problems. Back in 209, he was dragged into the controversy regarding demanding only Pizza crust because he was a vegan and loved pizza crust. 

Who Is Jadakiss’s Wife?

Jadakiss does not have a wife, as he is not married yet. 46 years old rapper seems to be single right now. 

Moreover, there is no information surfaced about his past and present love affairs. Despite not having a wife or partner, Jadakiss has four children named Jae’won, Jaidyon, and twins Jamir and Josh. 

A person like him might have a partner, but he prefers to limit his personal life within himself. He has not revealed his love life, as well as family matters, in the media limelight. 

Verzuz: Jadakiss Meme And Arrested Rumors

After the recent Verzuz battles, Jadakiss had to face murder rumors and meme trolls on the internet. Although he had won the battle, his rival 50 Cent had trolled him with a photoshopped image.

Afterward, his fans made fake news stating Rapper Jadakiss was arrested on the murder charge, which got viral on the internet. However, it was just a joke made up by his fans. 

The headline was metaphorically composed regarding his win in the battle. 

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