Is Jimmy Smacks Gay or Transgender? Everything On His Partner And Boyfriend

Is Jimmy Smacks Gay? Transgender Video Exposed

Is Jimmy Smacks Gay? Transgender Video Exposed

The social media influencer and upcoming adult film actor, Jimmy Smacks is on the roll for being trending on social media. His latest Instagram post may suggest that he is gay or transgender, is he though?

Jimmy Smacks is an American social media star and adult film actor who rose to fame through his Only Fans presence. He is one of the highest subscribed Only Fans male creators at the moment. 

If you are active on social media, you hardly have missed Jimmy Smacks. The guy is always on trending of one thing or the other. But this time he has become a part of a rumor that he is gay or transgender. Is he?

Is Jimmy Smacks a Gay or Transgender? 

Jimmy Smacks uploaded a video on Instagram and Twitter which shows him in inclusion with another man sexually. Hence, many fans have speculated him to be gay or transgender. The guy is currently viral on the internet. 

However, Jimmy has responded to the rumors. And he confirms that he is not gay or transgender. His sexuality is straight. 

Jimmy Smacks Partner Or Boyfriend

Amidst the rumors of his sexuality, several speculations are made on his partner. But it is assuring to say that the person on the video is not his boyfriend as he is not gay. 

When asked about the video, Jimmy Smacks said it was a gesture of support towards the LGBTQ community. He also described it as an “off-time experience.”

Jimmy Smacks Net Worth, GIrlfriend and Social Media

As one of the highly subscribed male Only Fans creator, Jimmy Smacks has a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He earned around $120k in the last month of 2020. 

However, Jimmy doesn’t have a girlfriend. He is famous on sites like Instagram and Twitter. He uploads promotion videos tempting users to his Only Fans subscription. 

Jimmy Smacks has around 557k followers on Instagram and 59k followers on Twitter. 

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