Is Touker Suleyman Muslim? His Net Worth: Wife & Religion

Is Touker Suleyman Muslim? His Net Worth: Wife & Religion – Update 2021

Is Touker Suleyman Muslim? His Net Worth: Wife & Religion – Update 2021

Is Touker Suleyman Muslim? Yes he is a Muslim investor. Lets get his net worth and wife updates here.

Touker is a fashion retail entrepreneur, investor, and reality television personality who is also the owner of a ghost UK fashion label.

Is Touker Suleyman Muslim?

Yes Touker Suleyman is Muslim.

He is currently based in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, talking about his nationality, Suleyman is also a Turkish Cypriot, which means he is a Turk originating from Cyprus.

Also, this entrepreneur has become one of the finalists of the British Muslim Awards in the year 2016, along with 9 other finalists.

Touker Suleyman Net Worth

Suleyman has a total net worth of $200 million.

Moreover, his net worth is increasing day by day as he has been earning a huge amount of money from his multiple businesses and companies.

He has invested in several start-up companies, including companies like Bikesoup and Huxley & Cox.

This investor’s company Low Profile Group had also purchased UK shirt maker Hawes & Curtis in 2001.

Talking about his riches, Touker was listed as the 637th richest person by The Sunday Times in 2015.

Meet Touker Suleyman Wife

Touker’s wife details are unknown.

However, this investor does have two daughters named Tashia Suleyman and Taya Suleyman.

Both of his daughters live together with him in London.

It is known that Touker was born on August 4, 1953, and is currently 68 years old, but this entrepreneur is still single with no wife.

Touker was born into a Turkish Cypriot family who moved to England in 1958 and Suleyman himself and attended Peckham Manor secondary school.

Touker Suleyman Update 2021

Touker is a part of Dragon’s Den.

It is said that a new entrepreneur named  Steven Bartlett is going to join Dragon’s den, and he will become the youngest person ever to be a part of the Dragon’s den family.

Talking about Steven, he is a 28 years old founder and former CEO of social media marketing agency The Social Chain.

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