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Zlatko Sikorsky Dead: Jail Assault And Facts To Know About

Zlatko Sikorsky Dead: Jail Assault And Facts To Know About

Zlatko Sikorsky was in the headlines for quite a while for being convicted of Larissa Beilby‘s killer. The girl, Larissa who was just 16 years old was murdered by her own boyfriend and after that, her body was dumped in a barrel. Apart from Larissa, he had also attacked another woman of age 32 and was charged with attempted murder, torture, and assault. 

Name Zlatko Sikorsky
Age 37 years (died on November 19, 2020)
Gender Male
Nationality Australian

The two incidents were totally unassociated and he was sent to prison back in July 2018. However, on November 19, 2020, Zlatko Sikorsky died after jail bashing and assault, according to police reports. Further investigation is still going on and according to 9News, he had an argument with another prisoner back on November 10. 

10 Facts on Zlatko Sikorsky:

  1. Zlatko Sikorsky’s death was confirmed at Princess Alexandra Hospital where he was taken as soon as he was found with head injuries inside the prison. 
  2. Furthermore, there is nothing to know about his professional life which is why his net worth as well as salary before his death has not been mentioned anywhere on the internet. 
  3. Also, he was not active on any social media accounts until now. 
  4. From official reports, we have found out that Zlatko Sikorsky was 37 years old when he died. 
  5. Talking about the murder, he had killed his girlfriend, Larissa in Buccan, Brisbane back in June 2018. 
  6. Since he was born and raised in Australia, we have come to know that his nationality was Australian. 
  7. Moreover, there is nothing to know about Zlatko Sikorsky’s family members currently. 
  8. In addition to that, we have not been able to find how tall he was and how much he weighed. 
  9. According to ABC, he was a drug dealer and according to one of the friends of Larissa, they had taken drugs from him. 
  10. Although Zlatko Sikorsky’s bio is unavailable right now, we hope you have found out everything about him after reading this article.

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