Jodi Santamaria Son Birthday And Instagram

Panfilo Lacson III Age: How Old Is Jodi Santamaria Son?

Panfilo Lacson III Age: How Old Is Jodi Santamaria Son?

At such a young age, Panfilo Lacson III is already a household name. His mother, Jodi Santamaria took to Instagram to share a video of her son working out during the pandemic times of 2020.

Panfilo Lacson III has a celebrity status in the Philippines as his father and mother are important and prominent figures in the country. Get to know more about him in the following paragraphs.

Panfilo Lacson III Age And Birthday

Lacson III’s age will be 16 years old in 2021. His birth year is 2005.

However, his official birthday has not been officially disclosed as of now.

Panfilo’s exact height has not been recorded thus far. 

Lacson III seems to stand at a height of around 4 feet 10 inches.

Is Panfilo Lacson III On Instagram?

 Panfilo Lacson III is indeed active on the Instagram account.

In it, he has gathered nearly 3K followers on the account. In his Instagram, it could be seen that he is enjoying a great and happy lifestyle with his family and mother.

Lacson Family: Does Panfilo Has Any Siblings?

As stated above, Panfilo Lacson III comes from an affluent Filipino family.

He is the son of Panfilo “Pampi” Lacson Jr. and  Jodi Sta. Maria. His father is the son of a famed senator, Panfilo Lacson while his mother is a renowned  Filipina.

His mother and father met during a taping of the show, Tabing Ilog, and later went to tie their wedding knot in 2005 before separating five years later in 2010.

Due to a lack of proper and concrete information, we do not have any information about the Panfilo Lacson III sibling’s name and background.

Jodi Santamaria And Family Net Worth

Panfilo Lacson III’s actual net worth is unclear at the moment. 

Most of his income from his mother, Jodi Santamaria who has earned a decent sum of income from her successful career in acting.

Speaking of his mother, it is believed that Jodi has accumulated a net worth in the range of several hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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