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Jodie Weston

Jodie Weston

Jodie Weston is a model but most people recognize her as a girl whose lavish expenses and lifestyle are funded by her rich parents. As a matter of fact, she has made a career out of being a rich kid and starring in Rich Kids Go Skint. 

Name Jodie Weston
Age 27
Gender Female
Height 170 cm / 5ft 7in
Nationality English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Model; DJ
Instagram missjodieweston

While she might be infamous for calling her lifestyle a normal one, fans love to see the drama she creates when on-screen. Apart from this, she has also done a bit of modeling. 

10 Facts On Jodie Weston!

  1. Jodie Weston is around 27 years old in 2020 as she was reported to be 26 by this source in late 2019.
  2. She is from London, and the only thing known about her family is that they are filthy rich. 
  3. While she doesn’t have a husband yet (as of September 2020), she is active in the dating scene and even detailed her worst Tinder dates in an article on the DailyMail. 
  4. Weston is famous or rather infamous enough to have a Wikipedia page but she doesn’t have one yet but the facts below will give you her details. 
  5. One of her main sources of income is her Instagram page where hse has more than 80k followers. According to the star herself, she has received multiple threats in the DMs of her Instagram. 
  6. She is an Instagram model and earns around $319.5 – $532.5 per post as per Influencermarketinghub. 
  7. Weston is a British as per her nationality and is of Caucasian ethnicity.
  8. Her claim to fame is her one episode on the TV series Rich Kids Go Skint, apart from this, she has mostly been in the news for controversies like criticizing a single mother living on £3-a-day about her life choices. 
  9. On the show, she had to leave her fancy lifestyle behind and move in with a low-income family.
  10. She spent some time with Becky Wilson and her two children and was erratic for the whole episode. 

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