Jordan Essoe Age, Wiki, Height, Wife, Instagram

Jordan Essoe

Jordan Essoe

Jordan Essoe is a good looking actor credit for his work on both TV shows and movies. Also, he has some credited short film roles as well. The thin lanky actor who has a well-toned physique is highly credit for his role as Amerigo in American Messenger, released in 2015.

Name Jordan Essoe
Age around 30 years old
Gender Male
Height around 5 feet tall
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Parents Kelley Miles & Gabe Essoe
Instagram jordanessoe

Directed by Robin Wyatt Dunn, American Messenger is a thriller drama film which featured Breeanna Judy and Jordan Essoe in the leads. He also has other notable roles apart from Amerigo in American Messenger.

The actor’s filmography is written all over the internet. Apparently, the detail of his personal life is hard to find. Likely, the actor has never spoken about his love life, girlfriend in the media. Or, he has never had one, to begin with.

10 Facts on Jordan Essoe

  1. Jordan Essoe is a famous American actor. He has appeared in a few TV shows and movies as of 2020.
  2. The TV and movie actor made his professional acting debut with the 2013 thriller film titled Twoheads. He appeared as Marathon Man in Twoheads.
  3. The American Messenger actor is active on social media; Twitter and Instagram. You can find him on Instagram as @jordanessoe. His Instagram page has 487 followers.
  4. Meanwhile, you can find him on Twitter as @jordanessoe. His Twitter page has 127 followers.
  5. The detail of his age and birthday are missing. His Google pictures suggest he could be around 35 years of age now.
  6. Essoe was born to American parents in the American soil. His father is Kelley Miles and his mother is Gabe Essoe.
  7. His other family members are, an aunt named Debra Miles, uncles, Michael Scott and Eric Larsen.
  8. Despite his some highly successful movie credits, Essoe is yet to have a Wikipedia page. 
  9. For now, you can find the American Messenger actor on IMDb.
  10. On his IMDb bio, Jordan Essoe is also credit as a producer and director.

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