Lulu Sosa Wiki, Age, Husband, Daughter, Net Worth, Woodlands

Lulu Sosa

Lulu Sosa

Ramon Sosa’s ex-wife Lulu Sosa is the talk of the town today. Well, if you are not beating the bushes on the COVID-19 numbers, you might have heard of Lulu Sosa online. The lady has gained the attention of both local and national media outlets in September 2020.

Wondering, why all the fuss about Ramon Sosa’s ex-wife Lulu Sosa. Well, stay with us for some while to find out the real story about Lulu Sosa.

Name Lulu Sosa
Age around 46 years old
Gender Female
Height around 5 feet tall
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Convict
Married/Single Single
Husband Lulu Sosa (ex.)
Children 2
Divorce Yes

Ramon’s story is no less than a crime thriller movie. Ramon who was a Houston based boxing coach until his ex-wife Maria Sosa a.k.a. Lulu Sosa tried to have him killed at the hand of a hitman. Maria hired a hitman to kill Ramon. Ramon then had to fake his own death to save himself from Maria’s hitman.

Today, Lulu and Ramon live separately and both are well alive. While Lulu has gone dark and is serving time in prison, Ramon works as a boxing coach and is a celebrated author.

10 Facts on Lulu Sosa

  1. Maria Lulu Sosa is an American convicted criminal who is serving time in prison for planning the murder of her own husband Ramon Sosa.
  2. Lulu hired a close friend of Ramon to kill Ramon himself. Her hitman betrayed Lulu and spilled her plans to his friend, Ramon. 
  3. Ramon than faked his own death with the help of some police officials to get away from Lulu’s plan. 
  4. Born in Mexico, Maria DeLourdes Sosa moved to Houston in 2007. She moved to Houston, Texas along with her son and daughter to look for a good life.
  5. After she moved to Texas, she met Ramon Sosa. The former couple got married on March 15, 2009. They don’t have any children together. 
  6. She had a daughter named Mia Sosa and an anonymous son from her first marriage
  7. After a few years of marriage with Ramon, Lulu began finding it hard to make a good living with him. In March 2015, she filed for divorce.
  8. Even after her divorce from Ramon, she began plotting his death. She hired a hitman to have him killed but failed miserably. Today, she is serving life in jail for plotting her own husband’s death.
  9. She is now serving 20 years in jail for her misdeed.
  10. In September 2019, she was 45 years old. So, she could be 46 years old now.

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