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Joseph Mensah: 10 Facts on Wauwatosa Police Officer

Joseph Mensah: 10 Facts on Wauwatosa Police Officer

Joseph Mensah is the Wisconsin police officer who has recently been a piece of hot news after he shot 17-year-old teenager Alvin Cole to death. However, he hasn’t been charged with any punishment.

On February 2, the police officer shot the boy claiming the boy attacked him and other police officers beforehand with his gun. This is considered as the third reckless shooting from the side of the officer and people are demanding a fair trial. The public has come to roads protesting and demanding justice for the 17-year-old. Cole’s family are desperately waiting for the tables to turn and offer the policeman punishment for the killing.

Name Joseph Mensah
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Policeman

10 Facts on Joseph Mensah

  1. Joseph Mensah is a Wauwatosa police officer who has been on every news portals and media after the shooting of the teenager, Alvin Cole.
  2. He holds an American nationality and belongs to the Black ethnic group however there is no information about the religion.
  3. The officer seems to be tall with a heavily built body however there is no distinct information about the exact measurements of height and weight. 
  4. There is no information available about his family and siblings. The information about his school and early life is also yet not available.
  5. Joseph had fired a gun at the 17-year-old teenager claiming he fired at them first. However, this news has become very critical considering the situation where justice is to be served rightfully.
  6. The public is not very satisfied with the decision of the court considering the cop non-guilty and hence are again demanding a fair trial and scrutiny of the case.
  7. There is no information disclosed about his private life due to which his marital status is hidden at the moment.
  8. Joseph is considered to have shot recklessly for the third time in his life however the two before were justified, though the fact that he shot at a teenager is making him more vulnerable.
  9. There is also no information about the officer’s actual net worth and salary however being a public servant or most precisely a cop, he is expected to make a good amount.
  10. Joseph is not into maintaining his social life therefore his social media handles couldn’t be received.

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