Karol Kania Wikipedia And Wife: Businessman In Helicopter Crash

Karol Kania Wikipedia: Everything On His Wife And Family

Karol Kania Wikipedia: Everything On His Wife And Family

Karol Kania is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. However, one can gain enough insights about him through this article.

Karol Kaina was a well-known businessman from Poland. He was the man behind the company Karol Kania I Sons. Furthermore, it is the largest mushroom-growing substratum in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Currently, the business is being managed by his son, Maciej as the company’s president. 

Karol Kania Died In A Helicopter Crash

Various news portals confirm that Mr. Kania was one of the victims who died in last night’s helicopter crash near Studzienice near Pszczyna. 

The mayor of Jankowice village confirmed the news. Apart from Karol, the pilot of the helicopter died. Total four people were traveling in the private helicopter where 2 of them died, and two were injured. Furthermore, the cause of the crash is not known yet, and the prosecution and the Aviation Crash Inquiry Commission are currently investigating the matter.

Karol Kania Biografia: Wife and Family

Karol Kania has not revealed any information about his wife. However, the man is married and has two children.

Karol Kania was born in 1941 and was 80 years old when he died.

He started his career as a businessman in 1967 when he started the first mushroom farm and mushroom substrate production plant in the village of Piasek in the Pszczyna district.

He worked hard to expand his business nationwide, and after a decade, he managed to establish three plants of his mushroom business in different parts of Poland. He then built helipads at his plants.

Karol’s family was in great sorrow after Karol’s death last night. This is the second loss of their family member within five years after one of their sons, Wojciech Kania (47), died suddenly on June 18, 2017.

Businessman Karol’s Net Worth

Karol Kania has a net worth of PLN 490 million. 

By 2021, Karol’s company had become one of Poland’s largest businesses, which are employing 1000s of people in the country. So, this accounts for his huge net worth.

In 2016, he was ranked 63 in the ranking of the richest Poles by Forbes magazine.

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