Kashe Quest Age Wikipedia, Instagram And Parents: How Old Is She?

Who Is Kashe Quest? Her Parents And Family Details

Who Is Kashe Quest? Her Parents And Family Details

What is Kashe Quest age? Is she on Wikipedia? Get to know L.A. toddler Instagram and Parents details through this page. 

Kashe, a Los Angeles toddler, has been accepted into Mensa, the largest and oldest high I.Q. Society Globally. 

Kashe Quest: Age and Wikipedia

Kashe Quest’s age is just two years old and will be turning 3 in this year, 2021.

Her birth month has not been mentioned. 

Further, being one of the young, intelligent kids in the world, she doesn’t have a bio on Wikipedia. 

She was born in California and created history after becoming the youngest American member of Mensa with a genius-level I.Q. of 146 points, which is considered to be above the national average in the U.S. In America, the average I.Q. Level is 100. 

Mensa was founded in England in 1946 by a barrister named Roland Berril and Dr. Lance Ware, who was a scientist and lawyer.

They have about 145,000 members in 100 countries around the world. 

During the Standford-Binet test, Quest beat Muhammad Haryz Nadsim from the United Kingdom when he was two years and four months old.

Does Kashe Quest Use Instagram?

Yes, Kashe Quest uses an Instagram account, which her mother handles.

So far, she has 872 followers and 36 posts. 

She also has a beautiful and bold bio message written on her I.G., which defines her achievement. She says, “Oh, and I’m the youngest in U.S. Mensa.”

Who Are Kashe’s Parents?

Kashe Quest’s mother’s name is Sukhjit Athwal, whereas her father’s name has not been disclosed.

It looks like Sukhjit is of Indian heritage, and Kashe’s father is a Black American. 

Sukhjit has her own Instagram account, where she has posted pictures of her genius daughter Kashe and her husband. Kashe’s father is a graduate of UCLA, with an honors degree in Law. 

Moreover, Athwal has a professional background in education and decided to open up a preschool called The Modern Schoolhouse, where she teaches 12 kids, including her daughter Kashe.

She is a proud mother and explains Quest’s growth since she was a baby. Sukhjit describes, “We started to notice her memory was great. She just picked up things fast, and she was interested in learning.

At about 17, 18 months, she had recognized all the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes,” according to Fox11

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