Katie Haun Husband Age & Net Worth

Who Is Katie Haun? Everything On Andreessen Horowitz General Partner

Who Is Katie Haun? Everything On Andreessen Horowitz General Partner

Katie Haun believes her husband knows more about bitcoin than herself. Here’s everything about her Age and Net Worth.

Katie, aka Kathryn, is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. She has been servicing there since June 2018.

Moreover, she is on the board of directors at HackerOne and Coinbase. Also, she works as a lecturer at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and Stanford Law School.

Who Is Katie Haun Husband?

Katie Haun and her husband celebrated their 10th marriage anniversary in February 2021.

Her interview with The Tim Ferriss Show reveals that she learned about bitcoins from her husband. However, she hasn’t mentioned his name yet.

She believes that she was too late to join the bitcoin talk in 2012. Nevertheless, her husband helped her, and now, she is on top of the world.

Reportedly, Katie met the love of her life in California. Despite their short meeting, they married very early.

Katie Haun Age: How Old Is She?

Katie Haun’s age and birthday details have not been updated yet.

Nevertheless, we can confirm that the lady is not more in her forties. At the moment, we are clueless if she has any children.

Her Net Worth Explored

Katie Haun’s estimated net worth is somewhere around $88.9 million.

She isn’t very far from becoming a billionaire. Indeed, it’s a matter of time when she becomes one of the richest people in the world.

Moreover, Katie owns over ten thousand units of stock at Coinbase. As per Wallmine, the stock worth is at least $12.9 million.

Furthermore, her salary is very high everywhere she works. Rumors say that her salary is going to increase in the coming months.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Katie Haun is not on Wikipedia.

However, we can find her professional details on LinkedIn. Reportedly, she worked as the Assistant U.S. Attorney & Digital Currency Coordinator until May 2017.

Everything To Know About The Andreessen Horowitz Partner

Katie Haun is the Andreessen Horowitz partner in Menlo Park, Caliornia.

She is on Twitter with 43 thousand followers. Recently, she revealed that China is fully committed to digital currencies.

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