Skye Everly – Mark Hoppus Wife Age, Children And Family

Skye Everly – Meet Mark Hoppus Wife And Family

Skye Everly – Meet Mark Hoppus Wife And Family

Who is Skye Everly? She is the wife of Mark Hoppus. Get updated on his cancer and health

Skye Everly is known as the wife of Mark Hoppus. 

On June 24, after Mark revealed that he has been battling cancer many fans were really concerned about him. 

A particular fan said that she hoped God would help him as he had a wife and children who needed him. 

Skye Everly: Mark Hoppus wife

Skye Everly is the wife of Mark Allan Hoppus. 

Mark is an American singer, songwriter, and personality who is best known for being the bassist of the rock band, Blink-182. 

The singer has been married to Skye for over 20 years now. 

They were married on December 2, 2000, and their sweet and unconventional love story has been shared many times. 

The bassist revealed that Skye had initially rejected him when his fellow bandmate, Tom DeLonge had asked her if she wanted to date her. 

The relationship started with a “NO” but now they are together for over 2 decades. 

Likewise, Skye Everly and Mark Hoppus do have children. 

Jack Hoppus is the only son of the couple and he was born on August 5, 2002. 

Skye Everly Age and Wikipedia

Skye Everly is 48 years of age

She was born in the year 1972 and she celebrates her birthday on August 6. 

As of now, Skye Everly has not been featured on Wikipedia nor her bio is available.

However, there are many articles on her and we can know more about her from her Instagram. 

Mark Hoppus’s Cancer Update

On June 24, Mark Hoppus updated us about how he has been diagnosed with cancer on his Twitter.

He revealed that he was scared and had been undergoing chemotherapy for three months and support from his family.

Now many of his fans have sent their support and prayers for the said singer.

What is Skye Everly’s net worth?

There is no information on Skye Everly’s personal net worth. 

According to celebritynetworth, her husband, Mark Hoppus’s net worth is $80 million dollars. 

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