Omar Raddad Age Wikipedia And Origine

Is Omar Raddad Innocent? Case Update And Details To Follow

Is Omar Raddad Innocent? Case Update And Details To Follow

Where is Omar Raddad now? He is accused of killing his own employer. Get to know his age Wikipedia and origine.

Omar Raddad is a convicted murder. He is a gardener who is accused of killing one of his clients in the year 1991.

The Omar Raddad affair is one of the highly publicized criminal trials. It is still considered to be a notorious murder mystery.

However, it may come closer to resolution after the discovery of DNA traces. Here are some major details and updates on the case.

Where Is Omar Raddad Now?

Omar Raddad is free now.

He was arrested for the murder of Ghislaine Marcha.

Marcha was then was a rich widow and employer of Omar. She died with several knives stabs on her body.

Her body was found in the boiler room of her swanky villa in Mougins near Nice.

The misspelled “Omar killed me” note was discovered at the crime scene. It eventually brought many twists and turns in the case.

Raddad was convicted in the year 1994. Following this was sentenced to 18 years of prison.

However, Omar has been maintaining his innocence until today.

He received a partial trial in 1996. This reduced his sentence to four years and eight months.

Eventually, Raddad was released from prison in 1998. He still wants a definitive clearance on his charges.

Omar Raddad  Age

Omar Raddad’s age is 59 years old as of June 2021.

He was born in the year 1962 and his birthday is on July 1.

According to astrology, he belongs to the Cancer sign.

His Wife and Family Origine

Omar Raddad’s wife is Latiffa Raddad.

She claims that her husband is incapable of harming a fly. However, Judge could not agree with her statement.

Omar Raddad was born to a Moroccan family.

The convicted gardener has an Algerian origine in his family. But the information on his family remains unknown.

Innocence charges case update

Omar Raddad could be proven innocent.

He has regained hope of obtaining a review on his trial. A DNA examination is being carried out.

The process was previously refused by courts in 2002.

But Raddad’s lawyer Sylvie Noachovitch still believes that he is innocent. Believing the fact that there is a misspelled letter on the death note.



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