Kissing Game Cast, Release Date, Plot and Reviews Explained

Netflix: Kissing Game Cast, Release Date, Plot and Reviews Explained
Netflix: Kissing Game Cast, Release Date, Plot and Reviews Explained

What are you doing these days, especially when are bored as hell? We would like to suggest you get a Netflix account soon. There are a lot of new TV shows and movies that will soon hit the streaming platforms this July. Speaking of the upcoming TV shows and movies, one that has a lot curious is the Brazilian web series Kissing Game on Netflix.

Well, you can also enjoy old TV shows or movies on Netflix. And having the patience to wait for the next one is truly a great feeling. You will know the feeling once you a Netflix account and impatiently wait for your favorite show to go on-air. The curious fans of Kissing Game could answer you, this time around. 

Kissing Game is yet to go on-air on Netflix, still, the buzz surrounding the web series has been sky high for some now. Here we try to break the Kissing Game cast, plot, release date for you.

2020 Netflix Kissing Game Cast:

Created by director Esmir Filho, the upcoming Netflix series Kissing Game features several newbies.

The web series features these cast in the leading roles.

  • Caio Horowicz
  • Denise Frage
  • Esther Tinman 

Other cast members of the web series are Bianca Byington, Carolina del Carmen Peleritti, Iza Moreira, and Thomas Aquino.

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BOCA A BOCA – ELENCO Em primeira mão, apresento oficialmente o ELENCO JOVEM da série, que foi encontrado pela incrível (e adolescente) produtora de elenco do meu coração @anna_luiza_elenco ao lado de Alonso Zerbinato @oielenco . Fizemos vários testes e uma oficina ministrada pelo grande ator e amigo @robertoaudio . Eu sempre disse aos atores que não ia escolher ninguém. Eles mesmos se escolheriam. E foi assim que chegamos a esses talentos que interpretam os jovens da Cidade de Progresso (medo)!!! São eles (na ordem em que aparecem nas fotos) 1. FRAN, ALEX, CHICO 2. BEL, CAIO 3. NANDA, GUILHERME 4. BETO, MARINA 5. QUIRIKU, RAISSA 6. NETO, JAQUE, GABI, JEFERSON 7. BABI, RENATA, ROGÉRIO 8. LEITINHO, DEBS, ANDRESSA 9. MIRO, SAMUCA, VITOR, ERIKA 10. QUIM e MANU. Ps: só dá pra marcar 20 pessoas nas fotos. O restante marco aqui: @maxcivita @pedropacifici @miguel.pavoski @maajesus_ @sobreamoreafins @apoulinario @juliaaraujo15 e @pedroscalice (que não tá nas fotos, mas arrasou) ESTREIA 17 de JULHO! #bocaabocanetflix @netflixbrasil @fetichefeatures @gullaneentretenimento

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One of the leading cast members of Kissing Game, Denise Frage is a well known Brazilian TV and movie actress. Moreover, she is also a columnist working at Editora Globo’s Crescer Magazine. She is known for her appearance in A Dog’s Will (2000) and The Other End (2016).

Bianca Byington is a 53-year Brazilian actress known for her roles in movies like Garota Dourada (1984) and Noites de Reis (2012). As the series progresses, we could see some new faces on the show, as well.

When Will Kissing Game Release? Release Date Revealed

The upcoming Brazilian Netflix series is set to release on Netflix on July 17, 2020.

The first trailer of Season 1 was released on the official Netflix site on June 23. Still, there two weeks’ time for the series to go on-air. Nonetheless, the series is a huge boost from the web series lovers.

When Kissing Game, Season 1 releases on July 17 on Netflix, it is certainly going to have a great momentum onwards. 


If you have already gone through the first trailer of Netflix’s Kissing Game, you certainly have a slightest of idea what the series is about. The trailer of Kissing, season 1 starts with a group party where people are having group kisses. The scene then catches a girl crying with a stain in her mouth. The clip of the girl having a stain goes viral and many suspects that the stain is an infection caused by a kiss.

The 1 minute and 12 seconds long trailer sheds light on same-sex relationships, someone cursed with infectious kisses, and superstitions. We can expect a dark horror story out of the Brazilian web series Kissing Game which will air on Netflix in mid-July.

The official trailer of Kissing Game, season 1 is still not published on YouTube. Meanwhile, you can watch it on

Netflix Kissing Game: Reviews

Unlike the pile of big-screen releases, web series often deal with common stories and most of them are teenage stories. The Netflix series Kissing Game is based in a rural town where people live in fear of their own secrets as shown in the trailer.

The series is slated for July 17. 2020 and is already on the watch list of many youths. The series will certainly be a real-life entertainer with some good screenplay and story.

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