Leia Se Age, Boyfriend And Instagram: Viral Video Explained

Who is Influencer Leia Se? Viral Mask Video Explained

Who is Influencer Leia Se? Viral Mask Video Explained

Leia Se is an Instagram influencer. Let’s find out more about her age and boyfriend. 

A mask prank has gone viral in a supermarket in Bali, Indonesia. Two Instagram influencers, Leia Se and Niluh Djelantik created a fake surgical mask by painting their face and ran into women inside a supermarket in Bali.

However, the prank went wrong and the influencers are facing charges under mask mandate. 

As per reports, the consequence might be as big as deporting them to their respective countries. 

Leia Se Age: How old is the influencer?

Leia Se has not shared her age and birthday with her fans until now. 

Looking at her recent photos, she does seem to be in her 20s. But her exact age remains under review and will be updated soon. 

Currently based in Bali, reports claim that Leia Se is of Russian nationality/ethnicity. However, she has been living in Indonesia for a long time, as seen on her Youtube vlog. 

The influencer has traveled to many other Asian countries like China, France, Italy, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. 

Leia Se Boyfriend: Who is she dating?

Leia Se doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. 

According to her recent posts, she has talked about being a lesbian. So she might be Lesbian by sexuality. However, Leia is single and doesn’t have a partner for the time being. 

She recently shot a wedding photoshoot and pranked her fans that she was married. After a week, she confirmed that it was a prank. 

Meet Leia Se on Instagram: Her viral video explained

Leia Se is an Instagram star and boasts more than 25k followers on the platform. 

She has come under scrutiny recently as her face mask prank went wrong. Her visa has been seized and the Indonesian government can deport her being within the grounds of their law. 

Similarly, she had to pay around $68 for violating the mask policy, as per the Mask Mandate in Indonesia. 

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