Ohio Rhoden Family Case Update

Where is Jake Wagner Ohio Now? Wife And Family Update

Where is Jake Wagner Ohio Now? Wife And Family Update

What is Jake Wagner family background? Know everything about the 2016 Ohio Shootings felon’s wife and family. 

One of the most heinous crimes committed in the Ohio state came in April 2016 when Jake Wagner slew his ex-girlfriend and seven of her family members. Wagner has now pleaded guilty to five murders and has urged to help a case against his parents and brother. 

Jake Wagner Family and Wife

Jake Wagner has not talked much about his family.

It’s unclear if Wagner has a wife or is married for that matter. 

The 28-year-old has promised to help prosecutors in a case against his parents and brother. However, there is not much information about his family and they prefer to keep a low profile. 

Also, the facts about his current girlfriend and partner remain under review and so does the fact whether he was married or not. 

Jake Wagner Ohio Shooter: Rhoden Case Update

Jake Wagner allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend and seven of her family members in Ohio in 2016. 

The accused has confessed to five of those murders and denies other murder charges. He confesses to shooting the mother of his daughter. Also, Wagner will be helping prosecutors to go against his family, who are also allegedly responsible for the murders. 

The Rhoden family case became one of the toughest investigations in the state’s history. It took more than 2 years to make relatable arrests and not all guilty parties have confessed yet. 

Jake Wagner Whereabouts: Was he arrested?

Jake Wagner has been arrested and he is currently serving his sentence in prison. 

The 28-year-old was on the verge of getting the death penalty. However, he made a pact to help with the investigation and go against his brother and parents in the case. It saved him a possible death penalty but the accused is serving life imprisonment. 

The crime took place at three trailers and a camper near Piketon, Ohio and it still terrifies the residents of the area. 

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