Professor Sandra Sellers Georgetown Law: Husband Age And Wikipedia

Who is Professor Sandra Sellers Georgetown Law? Everything On Her Family

Who is Professor Sandra Sellers Georgetown Law? Everything On Her Family

Professor Sandra Sellers Georgetown Law Center has been terminated for racism against students.

From a Zoom conversation, we found out that Sandra said that the black students were at the plain bottom of her class. After the university authority found this out, they were happy to fire her. 

Sandra Sellers had been working as a law professor at the Georgetown Law Center. She is a legal expert at mediation and negotiation of intellectual property. It’s shocking to hear such words from such qualified personnel.

Meet Professor Sandra Sellers Georgetown Law

Professor Sandra Sellers is in the limelight for being a former professor at Georgetown Law Center. She also owns Technology Mediation Services in Virginia, USA.

Moreover, she remains a vital member of the US District Court in the District of Columbia. Equally, she is a part of the US International Trade Commission, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the International Trade Commission.

After the Zoom class got over, Professor Sandra, alongside her colleague, David Batson, was found to have a racist conversation that attacked her class’s black students. The video was leaked by one of her students, and later, the college administration suspended both of them.

Professor Sandra Sellers Age Revealed

Sandra Sellers’ age is already 62 years, according to Meaww. At the age of 62, she has been an expert in negotiating intellectual property, commercial disputes, contracts, and many more. 

She had been a part of the Georgetown Law family since 2003 when she was about 44 years old. She was also an adjunct professor at George Washington University School of Law

Everything On Sandra Husband And Wikipedia

We are unsure about Sandra Sellers’ husband at the moment. She is already 62; so, most of you would expect her to be married. However, the truth is unknown, as there is nothing to know about her love life, children, and parents. 

Moreover, Sandra Sellers can’t be found on Wikipedia. There were certain facts to know about her from the Georgetown Law website, but they have removed her bio from there.

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