The Smithy Family House Fire

Where Does TikTok Smithy Family Live? Smithy Family House And Car Was Set On Fire

Where Does TikTok Smithy Family Live? Smithy Family House And Car Was Set On Fire

TikTok’s Smithy Family house was set on fire by two people. Here are the updates on the family in this article.

Smithy Family is a family Tikok account under the handle @thesmithyfamily. He regularly uploads a video of himself including his wife, Jess Farthing. The family TikTok page has entertained the viewers with unique content.

The couple is blessed with three children Amelia and Isabella, and the newborn baby’s name is under the radar now.

You won’t believe it if we say so. His TikTok page has nearly 2.5 million followers and 267.5 million likes so far.

As the family has gone through a tough time right now. Their house and car have been set on fire by two anonymous people.

TikTok Smithy Family House Was On Fire

Smithy Family’s house has been destroyed by fire in July 2021.

We can see the video of Nick explaining how the two culprits have made them homeless. He also assures that the culprits will be behind the bar very soon.


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Nick is the content creator and the guardian of the Smithy Family TikTok account.

As per Mirror, the dad of three gave up his bodybuilding career to become a full-time TikTok star. He uploads hilarious prank videos of his family on TikTok.

What Is Smithy Family Net Worth?

Smithy Family’s actual net worth is under the table now.

One thing is sure that he is making a huge income from TikTok. He left his job as a builder to become a TikTok star. He also states that his income is far way better at present. He used to earn more money than he used to earn in the past as a builder.

Nevertheless, The Smithy family is on Instagram too. He has garnered more than 209k devotees lately.

Where Does Smithy Family Live?

Smithy Family is a social media influencer.

His family consists of five members, Nick, his wife, and three children. Moving on to his age, Nick’s current age is 33 years as of 2021.

Smithy family have been living in London. They might be homeless for a while following the recent incident.

Were Culprits Arrested?

Smithy Family hasn’t revealed any arrested news in the media. In short, there is no news of culprits arrested at the moment.

Perhaps, Police are still investigating the case.

The two strangers who set his house on fire had almost killed his family. Luckily, no one is hurt. His entire family and dogs are okay. According to Nick, this kind of behavior is not acceptable.

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