The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending, Explained

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending, Explained

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending, Explained

“The Umbrella Academy” is one of the most unique superhero series I have ever seen. The first season was confusing enough but it had engaged and amazed the viewers and after rewatching several times, we finally understood it.

Now, Netflix is back with another season of The Umbrella Academy which was released just today on July 31, 2020.

If you have not watched it yet then this article might contain spoilers ahead.

If you have completed binge-watching season two of “The Umbrella Academy” then you must know that this season ramps up everything from the action, humor, romance, the kickass music beats, the questions, the cliffhangers, and many more.

But you must be feeling like “Whoa, slow down, what is going on here?”, right? Well, don’t worry because in this article we are going to explain everything about The Umbrella Academy Season 2, including the unanswered questions that you might have. 

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Summary

Before moving on to understanding the second season, here is a quick refresher on season 1.

In 1989, 43 women gave birth to children simultaneously who had shown no signs of pregnancy before going to labor. They had certain supernatural powers.

Seven of them were scouted and adopted by a billionaire Reginald Hargreeves and raised them as superheroes as Umbrella Academy. These siblings are screwed up in their own ways and hate each other.

However, they get reunited for their father Reginald’s funeral. They find out that an apocalypse is imminent, so they all work together to stop it. But they failed to do so and the entire planet was about to explode. 

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Summary

Now the season starts with the apocalypse exploding the whole world and fortunate enough for the six siblings, five of them were able to transport back in time but something goes wrong and they get separated in a different time frame in the early 1960s and reach in Dallas, Texas.

Klaus reaches in 1960 and forms a kind of cult. Allison lands in 1961 and involves in a civil rights movement. Luther reaches in 1962 and ends up working for Jack Ruby. Diego lands in September 1963 and decides to stop the J.F Kennedy assassination.

And finally, Vanya also arrives in October 1963 with no memories of the past. On the other hand, number five finds himself on November 25, 1963, which is apparently the new date for the apocalypse where nuclear war is taking place with Russia.

Five is trying to fight in the war and Hazel arrives and takes him back again for just 10 days and he has to round up the Umbrella Academy crew and stop this so-called war.

The Umbrella Academy Season Two Ending

Over the season, the Umbrella Academy tries everything they can from finding out the cause of apocalypse to stopping it altogether. But once again, Vanya loses her control of power again when she is tortured by the FBI for being suspected as a communist. Diego already discovers this by seeing the future and tries to stop her from losing control. Klaus, Diego, and Allison work together to stop her but Ben gets sacrificed.

On the other hand, Luther and Five try to do everything they can so that all of them can go back to 2019. But they fail to do so. Meanwhile, JF Kennedy gets assassinated and the government suspects all of them to be involved in the killing.

The shocking thing in the season 2 ending is that Reginald Hargreeves is revealed to be an Alien.

The next issue is that Vanya realizes that she has transferred some of her powers to Harlan and the whole academy reaches the farm to stop him from losing control. Handler and Harlan’s daughter Lila were also there for the same reason. But a fight occurs between them and another thing is revealed which is Lila is also one of them as she showed her power. Turns out that Handler had manipulated her life.

Finally, they manage to contain the situation as Handler gets killed and Lila escapes using the briefcase. Similarly, Vanya also takes her powers from Harlan back. But as she drives away, some of her powers were still being left by. All of them get a chance to return to the original time through briefcase but then they discover that it is not their time anymore.

Such a cliffhanger isn’t it? And there are lots of questions we still have like Is Handler really dead this time? And does Harlan still have Vanya’s Power? And most of all “Is Ben still Alive?” maybe Ben was transported to a different time frame. Guess we would have to wait for next season to find the answers to all.

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