Vahhley American Idol Age Real Name: Boyfriend And Instagram

Who is Vahhley American Idol? Real Name Revealed

Who is Vahhley American Idol? Real Name Revealed

Vahhley American Idol age and Instagram revealed. Let’s find out her age and real name, including her struggles in life.

Vahhley is an extremely talented young woman and an incredibly loving mother from Brooklyn, New York. As per her Instagram bio, she is a professional model for @sdphotocinema.  

You can watch, Vahhley’s American Idol performance at the given link.

Vahhley American Idol Contestant: Age And Real Name

Vahhley is a contestant of American Idol 2021. In the audition, she shares her emotional story of how she was spending 8 months in a shelter. She was having a difficult time in the past few months. 

Well, she performed a song by Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” in the audition. The judges were fully impressed with her singing styles and motivate her not to lose hope. All three judges, Katy Pery, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, praise her voice and the fight she did in her life.

Regarding her age, Vahheley is 23 years of age in 2021. Her actual date of birth is yet to update on the web.

Moreover, Vahhley’s real name is Valerie Hernandez. It looks like Vahhley is her nickname.

Quick Facts:

Name Vahhley (Valerie Hernandez)
Age 23 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Model and Reality TV star
Married/Single Single
Children Son
Instagram @vahhley

Some Unknown Facts On Vahhley

  1. Vahhley’s boyfriend’s name is still obscure. No doubt, her marriage was unsuccessful. 
  2. Valerie has accumulated only one hundred and eighty-eight followers on Instagram now. We can scrutinize her gorgeous modeling snaps on her IG feed.
  3. According to the report from ABC7ny, Vahhley has a 2-years-old son. She wants her son to live a good and happy life when he grows up.
  4. Where is she from? Apparently, her hometown is in Brooklyn, New York, and she currently stays with her parents.
  5. Sadly, Vahhley is jobless right and was living in a shelter. Therefore, her net worth is unknown as of now.
  6. Lastly, Vahhley got her first ticket to enter the American Idol. If she can make it to the top ten or not, time will decide. 

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