Vyvianna Quinonez Facebook Age Instagram: Southwest Flight Attendant Assault

Who Is Vyvianna Quinonez? Everything On Southwest Flight Passenger

Who Is Vyvianna Quinonez? Everything On Southwest Flight Passenger

Vyvianna Quinonez has been viral on Facebook. It was after the news of her punching and knocking teeth out of Southwest flight attendants went public.

Vyvianna was boarding Southwest Airlines on May 23, a flight from Sacramento to San Diego, when a scuffle broke out.

After getting into a verbal and physical fight, she punched the flight attendant on her face and knocked her teeth out.

Meet Vyvianna Quinonez on Facebook

Vyvianna Quinonez’s Facebook or Instagram has not been made public yet.

She has been trending everywhere on various social media.

The news of her punching a Southwest Flight attendant has been shared thousands of times now.

Fellow passengers have come forward and shared their points of view with many media outlets.

One of the passengers, Taro Arai, had come forward and shared that he had heard yelling and started shoving each other.

Vyvianna had ignored several instructions provided by the attendant and then punched the attendant so hard that blood was gushing out.

Many of the other passengers had taken photos and videos of the incident that occurred during the flight.

Readers and the viewers of the incident are outraged at her behavior.

Vyvianna Quinonez’s Arrest

Vyvianna Quinonez was arrested on the charge of felony battery causing serious bodily injury to the victim.

She was taken to Las Colinas Detention Facility while the injured attendant was taken to Scrips Memorial hospital.

The flight attendant suffered facial injuries, including the loss of two teeth.

What is Vyvianna Quinonez’s age?

Vyvianna Quinonez is said to be 28 years of age.

Further details about her and the incident are yet to be released yet.

As of now, Vyvianna Quinonez has not been featured on Wikipedia.

On the other hand, various news articles have written extensively on her and this matter.

Vyvianna Family Details

There has been no information on Vyvianna’s family or parents.

The police have reported that her family has chosen not to comment on the matter till now.

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