What Happened To Mark Kriski? Health Condition Now

What Happened To Mark Kriski? Health Condition Now – Is He Sick?

What Happened To Mark Kriski? Health Condition Now – Is He Sick?

What happened to Mark Kriski? Is he sick and how is his health condition? Please band together to know more about eight times Emmy Awards winner.

Kriski is a Canadian weather anchor who is mostly recognized as a KTLA’s weatherman. Not just that, he has also worked on Victoria, British Columbia’s Q-100 FM, and Montreal’s 980 AM as DJ. 

Well, Mark is nowhere to be seen recently. So, we’re digging up what happened to KTLA’s weatherman.

What Happened To Mark Kriski?

Mark Kriski was rumored of severe illness.

Several reports were claiming Kriski of serious illness rumors all over the internet.

All thanks to his beloved wife, who has cleared all the rumors. He revealed he fell and hit his head – which made him a concussion. 

Immediately, Kriski was rushed to the hospital, where the doctor divulged that he suffered from a minor concussion.

His wife has also tweeted on Twitter how Kriski was doing those days. 

Also, Kriski got contact with viral Pneumonia.

Amid this, Kriski was off the air for two months because of sick leave in November 2010. He got released from Northridge Hospital after more than two-month of battling.

Heath Condition Now – Is He Sick?

Mark Kriski health condition update is yet to come to light.

In addition to that, KTLA’s Kriski is also nowhere to be seen on his social media.

Therefore, we’re yet to make sure how Kriski is doing as of now. He might or might not be sick as he is out of the media spotlight in recent times.

If truth is told, his last Instagram post was on July 8, 2020, and his last tweet was on August 27, 2020.

Everything On His Wife

Mark Kriski is happily married to his wife, Jennifer Gould.

Moreover, Gould is a crime reporter and TV producer.

After announcing engagement to his fellow KTLA colleague Gould, they got married on September 24, 2011.

Before that, he was first married to Samantha Lewis, owner of Digital Playground, from 2004 to 2009.

Kriski and Lewis shared three children but ended up in a divorce.

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