What Does ALM Mean On TikTok? ALM Meaning Explained

What Does ALM Mean On TikTok? ALM Meaning Explained

What Does ALM Mean On TikTok? ALM Meaning Explained

A hashtag called “ALM” is making a lot of sound on TikTok. Want to know what is it? Tune in. 

Every day hundreds of new hashtags are discovered on social media. People are making their own words, short forms, and slang. It’s like social networking sites have an entire different encyclopedia, something that an offline person can’t figure out. 

Speaking of social media hashtags and trends, there’s a new one around the corner. Have you ever seen #alm written anywhere on your newsfeed? Or precisely, on Tiktok videos? If you are still wondering what’s that hashtag about, we have explained its meaning for you. 

What Does ALM Mean On TikTok?


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♬ original sound – Marie

The term “ALM” is used as a short form or an abbreviation on TikTok. Its full form is “Animal Rights Matter.” We have seen the blackout profile and black lives matter banners all across social media recently. And many animal rights activists have started their own social media campaign called “Animals Right Matter.” 

Given the way people treat animals, it is one of the best social media trends there ever were. On TikTok, the hashtag #alm has been viewed more than 60 million times already. Perhaps, it can put some sense into the people who treat animals badly. 

ALM Meaning Explained: Its Origin and Videos

If you got to Tiktok and follow the hashtag, it has been used for a really long time. But it came into the spotlight when a Biden supporter shared a campaign ad. The ad showed that Trump was the only president not to have a dog in 100 years. It was a gesture of “Animal Lives Matter.” 

The video garnered more than 650k likes and most importantly, it started a new trend of “Animals Lives Matter” on social media. It has been quite successful. 

Just clearing your curiosity, ALM means “Animal Lives Matter” as per Urban Dictionary as well. 

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