What Does Gabeitch158 aka Gabeitch Mean?

Gabe itch TikTok: What Does Gabeitch158 aka Gabeitch Mean?

Gabe itch TikTok: What Does Gabeitch158 aka Gabeitch Mean?

There is a new funny trend on Tik Tok where people are given a piece of a word which has the word “Gabe itch” written on it and you are supposed to say it loud. When you pronounce that word fast and loud it sounds like gay bitch. Sometimes people realize that it sounds inappropriate and stop whereas sometimes people keep on saying the word again and again not realizing they are saying gay bitches. That’s the funny part about this Tik Tok.

Just look at this grandma here who had no idea what was going on but then people around her were laughing and laughing. people on Tik Tok are posting videos of themselves trying to pronounce Gabe itch and I gotta tell you, lots of those videos are really funny. This is also a word that means something else than “gay bitch”. just the way people have used terms such as squad, fam, homies to represent friends, Gabe itch is supposed to represent bossy people.

What Does Gabeitch158 aka Gabe Itch Mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, Gabe itch means a family member, a boss, or a friend. It also sounds like saying gay bitch and some people definitely use that to make fun of someone.

However, there are Tik Tok videos where people make other people say Gabe itch loudly, and people who are looking at the written word only associate Gabe and itch differently. In the ears of the listener, it sounds like a gay bitch which makes for some funny misunderstanding.

Gabe Itch Aka Gabeitch meaning Explained

I can use the word Gabe Itch in a sentence so that the meaning will be clear to you:

  • Yo! My momma is such a Gabe itch. What it means here is that this person’s mother is a boss

That’s just how GenZ people talk I guess but there are 2 meanings of this word. A family member, boss or just plain old “gay bitch”.

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