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Jimmy Dushku

Jimmy Dushku

jimmy Dushku is a social media sensation and one of the very few people on Twitter who is followed by the North Korean government. North Korean government is not exactly known for being a proponent of social media usage and freedom of speech. However, in the news that was a little shocking, the North Korean government made a Twitter account named “@uriminzok” where they followed other accounts.

Recently, the account is cutting down its followers and is down to only 4 followers and one of the people followed by that account is none other than Jimmy Dushku. Jimmy Dushku is an internet star, investor in Europe, entrepreneur, website builder, and the biggest Coldplay fan. He’s driving Bugatti cars and traveling around the world and sharing videos on his Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube and for some reason, the North Korean government is hooked.

Name Jimmy Dushku
Birthday 1995
Age 25
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Investor
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Unknown
Instagram @jimmydushku
Twitter @JimmyDushku

10 Interesting Facts About Jimmy Dushku

  1. According to a source on the internet, Jimmy Dushku is 25 years old.
  2. We do not know the full day, month, and year of his birthday but he must have been born in the mid-’90s circa 95/96.
  3. Jimmy Duskha is the only American followed by North Korean government on Twitter.
  4. We don’t know where Jimmy was born and raised.
  5. Currently, Jimmy Dushka is based in Austin, Texas.
  6. Jimmy travels around the world and uploads pictures on his Instagram account.
  7. We have no idea about Jimmy Dushka’s net worth but judging from his Instagram, he looks like he’s worth a million bucks.
  8. Jimmy also has a website that you can use to contact him for business inquiries and such.
  9. He also has a Youtube channel called Jimmy Duskku where he has 2 thousand subscribers.
  10. Jimmy uses Instagram where he is followed by 28 thousand people and 4.5 thousand people follow him on Twitter including the North Korean government.


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