What Does Glizzy Mean On TikTok? Glizzy Slang Meaning Explained

What Does Glizzy Mean On TikTok? Glizzy Slang Meaning Explained

What Does Glizzy Mean On TikTok? Glizzy Slang Meaning Explained

Glizzy is the social media trend that puts creators and TikTokers in the awkward position of guzzling down hotdogs in front of a camera. This is one of the biggest trends of 2020 and became a viral sensation in July. 

Like all things on the internet, the trend has not been taken seriously and has become a challenge that makes people laugh. 

What Does Glizzy Mean On TikTok?

Glizzy is a trend on TikTok where users post themselves eating or guzzling down hotdogs. It is more like a challenge and people show how many hotdogs they can gulp down. 


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The challenge is another one to come out of the quarantine that has lasted through most of 2020. 

Glizzy Slang Meaning: Origin Of ‘Glizzy’

Shy Glizzy and his Glizzy Gang crew are responsible for the term which means gun. It came out of the Washington and Maryland area. As per online sources, the use of Glizzy originated in 2016. 


##duet with @gg_vlzqz ##viral ##goviral ##fyp ##glizzy ##glizzygobbler ##glizzygladiator ##glizzychallenge

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Originally, the term meant a gun. They used it in their songs and in their rap names to show that they are not afraid of guns. The initial meaning of it was a local slang used in the rap and gang scene of Washington and Maryland. 

According to Urban Dictionary, the term now means hot dogs. It is also a local slang in DC which signifies one of the most popular guns, the Glock. It is one of the best-selling guns in the USA. 

The resemblance of the hot dogs’ length with the length of a gun led the term to be sued for both as explained by HipHop DX. 

One of the earliest uses of the term was by YouTuber Azel Prather who osted a video describing all the different types of hot dogs or glizzies. 

What Does Glizzy Guzzler Mean On Text?

A person who eats hot dogs fast or guzzles them down is called a Glizzy Guzzler. Especially in DC, the hot dog is called a glizzy, and people who love eating hot dogs are called glizzy guzzlers. 

Online, it is used for the Glizzy challenge, the trend is when people post videos of them guzzling down hot dogs. It has become a challenge and they try to eat as many hot dogs that they can. 

How Popular Is The Glizzy Challenge On TikTok?

TikTok has taken the challenge to viral levels, it is famous all over the world. As a matter of fact, #glizzychallenge has gathered more than 9.9 Million views as of early August 2020.

Another tag used with the challenge is the #glizzygobbler which has more than 107.1 million views. 

Apart from humans, the creators have also featured the challenge with animals. 



Dogs and cats have been a favorite and are featured on some of the most viewed videos of the challenge. 

When people started putting in hot dogs of rather large sizes in their mouths, they are called the Glizzy Gladiators. 

The Meme Behind The Challenge

As far as trends go, memes are perhaps the biggest ones in the digital world. Likewise, the hot dog guzzling challenge has been made into a meme by people. Weel, as they say, the internet does not take anything seriously. 

When straight men eat hot dogs, due to the hot dog being a suggestive food, it has been branded a meme. Straight men eating a hot dog in public was a meme long before this challenge existed but lately, instead of shaming them, the people are having a good laugh about the trend and the meme that follows it. 

Jokes on how toxic men hide their love for hotdogs has also been a matter of the meme. 

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