What Does Hex The Moon Mean On Tik Tok? Moon Hex TikTok Meaning Explained

What Does Hex The Moon Mean On Tik Tok? Moon Hex TikTok Meaning Explained

What Does Hex The Moon Mean On Tik Tok? Moon Hex TikTok Meaning Explained

Apparently some teenagers have hexed the moon. As if the year 2020 could not go any further bad, the moon is being hexed. But we don’t have to worry about this because the hexing is done by some teenagers witches on Tik Tok. At this point, you might have realized that it’s just a joke and it is. Some Tik Tok videos are seen where people are talking about the weird appearance of the moon and they have claimed that the reason for that is someone hexed on the moon.

The trend caught on fast and soon enough there was an army of witches who started making memes and claims that the moon had been cursed by an evil spell and because of that the moon is looking weirder and weirder every day. To be specific, people are saying that it’s baby witches who hexed the moon. Baby witches’ curse is more powerful and we all know that.

What Does Hex The Moon Mean On Tik Tok?

Hex The Moon means cursing the moon. It’s just a meme and it’s not an apocalyptic situation that we have to be worried about. However, that would make a really good Netflix show, where baby witches would curse the moon, and humanity would have to resolve that somehow.

Like many other Tik Tok trends, this trend is also a joke that got viral just randomly and when people started over exaggerating it. Some of the Tik Tok videos are funny but some of them are just plain boring but that’s what happens when videos are made on any platform.

This is the Twitter thread where people are talking about the moon being hexed and how that is going to be bad. They said that the baby witches are targeting the sun next and that means more horrible things are going to come our way.

Hex The Moon Meaning Explained: Is It Real?

Hex The Moon is the new trending topic on Tik Tok and Twitter. This is one of the videos with hashtag “#hexthemoon” and “#witchcommunity” but the woman just mumbles which is not at all understandable.


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But apparently, the woman in the video is one of the elder witches and she is explaining why the moon can’t be hexed because it’s a formidable thing to hex on. But some of the older witches in the witches community have said that even if these young witches didn’t hex the moon if they attempted to hex the moon, the deities of the moon would rain down fury upon them.

And here I was thinking witches don’t exist in real life but they apparently do. There are falt Earthers, vaccine deniers and now witches, we really are living in an interesting time.

What Will Happen After The Moon Is Hexed?

According to some “witches”, the young witches who hexed the moon pissed many gods and goddesses. Appolo, Artemis, and all the other moon gods were pissed. The moon apparently hasn’t suffered any hard things due to this curse but the moon gods are very angry.

In this Tik Tok video, a “witch” said that the baby witches are going to suffer from terrible plight. She didn’t explain the nature of punishment gods were going to bestow upon the baby witches but she was very confident bad things would happen to them.

I personally don’t believe in this but I have never experienced witchcraft. Maybe it is horrible that animals are dying because baby witches hexed the moon but if you personally haven’t hexed the moon, you must be okay.

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