What Does Splinting Mean On TikTok? Splinting Trend Meaning Explained

What Does Splinting Mean On TikTok? Splinting Trend Meaning Explained

What Does Splinting Mean On TikTok? Splinting Trend Meaning Explained

Splinting means a technique used by women to ease the bowel movements 

TikTok is popular for its viral trends and lifehacks. Sometimes they can be useful; other times, they can be weird! The new term “Splinting” is gaining popularity in TikTok these days.

What actually is Splinting, and how to do it? We will describe everything about the trend in this article below!

What Does Splinting Mean On TikTok? The Popular Constipation Relief 

Splinting is defined as an act when a woman uses her fingers to press on the vagina to push the stool out. 

The Splinting term was first described in TikTok by a woman with the user name @ambriaalicewalterfield. Ambria made a video explaining how she splints whenever she is constipated. Furthermore, it helps her poop to pop out easily.


##fyp ##stitch ##blindreact ##girlproblems #vaginas ##proudtobeagirl ##confusetheboys ##funny ##lifehacks ##givemeonereason

♬ original sound – Ambria Alice Walter-

According to Ambria, splinting is one of the reasons she is happy to have a vagina. However, many people were confused by what Ambria was talking about. So, she made a second video that went extremely viral on the internet. 

Splinting Trend Meaning Explained 

The splinting trend has garnered attention from 2.7 million viewers.


Reply to @emilygrace17080 💩 this is actual medical advice. ##girlsthatsupportgirls ##poopingproblems

♬ original sound – Ambria Alice Walter-

Likewise, the clip has received comments from over 11.4k people. In fact, some people already knew the technique. While others were shocked to discover the procedure. On the other hand, splinting can only be done by women. 

Splinting is an extremely limited activity. Research writes that around 20% of women suffer from bowel dysfunction. However, very few women are aware of splinting. 

Should You Splint? 

The answer is both Yes and No!

Following the trend, BuzzFeed wrote an article on splinting. They even contacted a medical professional to get her opinion on Splinting. According to the doctor,” people who need to splint regularly should contact their doctor to rule out Pelvic organ prolapse.

Splinting should be done with clean hands. Similarly, you should stop splinting if it hurts. Lastly, don’t forget to share your story on TikTok if you decide to Splint anyways!

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