What Does The Crown Mean On Twitch? Crown Meaning Explained

What Does The Crown Mean On Twitch? Crown Meaning Explained

What Does The Crown Mean On Twitch? Crown Meaning Explained

Crown is one of the famous badges in Twitch which is provided by the company itself. Twitch is a famous American online game streaming platform that was launched back in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. Twitch is the subsidiary organization of Amazon and is one of the biggest gaming streaming sites in the world. 

Similarly Crown is one of the topmost badges achieved in the Twitch account. It is usually given to those people who usually link their amazon prime and twitch account as Amazon is the parent organization of Twitch. And these badged usually appear beside the name of the user. There are almost 15 million daily users in Twitch and more than 150 million users per month so these badges help us more in managing them.

What Does The Crown Mean On Twitch?

Crown is one of those many badges that exist in the Twitch account. There are usually badges of loyalty, subscriber, moderator, and admin. Among these Crown, badges are usually given to those users who link their Amazon Prime account and Twitch account. These prime account helps you to access many of the premium content available on it.

Not many people get these badges in Twitch as it is accessible only while you pay the subscription amount. And after these subscriptions, you get to watch all kinds of different and premium content.

Crown Meaning and Origin Explained:

Crown badges are usually provided to those users who link their twitch or amazon account with each other. Crown and other badges are usually very helpful in letting other users know about them. Once you become a member of Amazon prime for 30 days you can access all the prime videos on both platforms.

However, Crown badges were started just a couple of months ago and are among the newest badges in the twitch account. There are several users who are usually using both amazon and twitch account and getting their crown prime badges.

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