Where Is He Now Today?

Norman Starnes Wikipedia and Wife: Where Is He Now Today?

Norman Starnes Wikipedia and Wife: Where Is He Now Today?

Norman Starnes’s Wikipedia and wife details are revealed in this article. Stay with the article to find out more.

Norman Starnes murdered two people in early 1996. Norman was on trial and was found guilty of the murder of Bill Welborn and Jared Champlain. 

In the Discovery’s show, ‘Evil Lives Here,’ Gwen, his ex-wife, details the incident. The episode features how the murder took place and what exactly happened between Norman, Bil, and Jared.

Norman Starnes’s Wikipedia; Who Is His Wife? 

Norman Starnes is not featured on the Wikipedia page. However, some wiki sources have covered his crime stories.

Norman Starnes’s wife was Gwen Bailey. Gwen was impressed by Norman’s easy charm and smile when she first met him. She ignored the initial signs of Starnes’s temper and violent nature. Gwen was a single mother to her son when she began dating Norman, reports The Cinemaholic.

At present, Bailey is married to another man as she built a new life for herself after Starnes’s conviction for murder. Her new husband helped Gwen deal with the terrible incidents she went through. It was Gwen who reported to the police about the murders.

The Murder Of Bill Welborn And Jared Champlain

Starnes was arrested for the murder of Bill Welborn and Jared Champlain. Norman Starnes was the owner of a restaurant in Pelion, South Carolina. He met Bill Welborn and Jared Champlain because of the restaurant. He was sentenced to death, but in 2000, the judgment was revoked by the Supreme Court. In his retrial, Norman’s case was that he killed Bill and Jared in self-defense, reports WIS.

Norman murdered Bill and Jared and buried their bodies on his uncle’s farm. Starnes threw the murder weapon, burned the wallets and personal belongings, and did not reveal what happened. 

Where Is Norman Starnes Now Today?

Norman Starnes is currently in Broad River Correctional Institute as an inmate on death row. After Starnes’s retrial, the prosecutor ridiculed all of Norman’s arguments and claims. The jury agreed with prosecutor Trey Gowdy, which led to Norman being served the death penalty.

Starnes represented himself in the court as he did not have a lawyer. The court rejected Norman’s further appeals after the retrial.

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