Where Is Sonia Sutcliffe Now? Meet Peter Sutcliffe Wife, Wiki, Family: Is She Still Alive?

What Happened To Sonia Sutcliffe? Where Is She Now? Meet Peter Sutcliffe Wife

What Happened To Sonia Sutcliffe? Where Is She Now? Meet Peter Sutcliffe Wife

Sonia Sutcliffe is the former wife of the British serial killer ‘Peter Sutcliffe’ who passed away after refusing the treatment of Corona Virus. He died on 13 November morning in the hospital after he got breathing issues.

The writer ‘Gordon Burn’ described her relationship with her husband as domineering. Here are 10 facts about Sonia Sutcliffe that you should know.

Name Sonia Sutcliffe
Birthday August 10, 1950
Age 70
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Teacher
Married/Single Married
Husband Michael Woodward
Divorce Peter Sutcliffe

10 Facts About Sonia Sutcliffe

  1. Sonia Sutcliffe is the former wife of the serial killer and rapist ‘Peter Sutcliffe’ who killed more than 10 women claiming that God has assigned him a mission.
  2. Sonia Sutcliffe’s ex-husband ‘Peter Sutcliffe’ left the World on 13 November being a victim of Corona Virus and refusing the treatment.
  3. Where Is Sonia Sutcliffe Now? Sonia Sutcliffe still lives in Bradford in the same house in which she lived Peter Sutcliffe. The couple brought that house together from their salary amount.
  4. Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe’s wife Sonia Sutcliffe was born on August 10, 1950, in England, United Kingdom. Her current age is 70 years old as per her Wikipedia details.
  5. Is She Still Alive? Yes, Sonia Sutcliffe is still alive and lives in the same home.
  6. What happened to her? After the divorce from Peter Sutcliffe, Sonia Sutcliffe is now married to a 60 years old Hairdresser ‘ Michael Woodward’ who lives about 15 miles away from her house.
  7. Sonia Sutcliffe’s parents’ details are unknown including her family life.
  8. Sonia Sutcliffe and Peter Sutcliffe got married on August 10, 1974, and after his crime also she stood by her. She continued to visit him in the prison too but never broken her silence.
  9. She has been working as a school teacher in her early life.
  10. After the marriage with Peter Sutcliffe, she had many miscarriages and she was told that she could not have children.

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