Who Is 420dogface From TikTok? Is He Banned On Twitch and Twitter

Who Is 420dogface From TikTok? Is He Banned On Twitch and Twitter?

Who Is 420dogface From TikTok? Is He Banned On Twitch and Twitter?

There’s a similar query among several TikTok users these days, Who Is 420dogface From TikTok? 420dogface aka doggface208 is a new social media sensation.

Well, if you are a regular on this Chinese app, you would have come across some of doggface208’s funny TikTok videos, by chance. This TikTok sensation of 2020, has a good fan following on his TikTok page. 

Name 420dogface
Gender Male
Tiktok doggface208

Since doggface208 began to amass fame through his comedy TikTok stints, the internet has been yelling of his personal details. This is quite the same as most social media influencers these days. 

Has doggface208 answered any queries of his fans? Let’s find out.



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10 Facts on 420dogface aka doggface208:

  1. 420dogface is a famous TikTok sensation who rose to fame with his comedy TikTok videos and lip-sync. In early 2020, 420dogface was totally unheard of. 
  2. Likely, he began using TikTok actively amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Well, this is a similar story with most of the TikTok users out there, isn’ it?
  3. Though 420dogface has earned a great deal of fan following on his TikTok page, not much is mentioned about his life beyond the social media app.
  4. He is active on TikTok as @420dogface. His TikTok account has 128.3k followers and has 2.1 million video views.
  5. Well, his TikTok videos are quite funny. You could binge onto some of his videos to get off of boredom.
  6. It is said that he is banned on Twitch and Twitter. Also, there is not any account on Twitter by this name, 420dogface. 
  7. 420dogface is clearly his pseudo name to go online. What is his real name, where is he from, the detail is still missing.
  8. He seems to have an attractive height. If you check his, TikTok videos, you can see that he stands as tall as 5 feet and 10 inches or so.
  9. Regarding his age, 420dogface could be around 25 years old now.
  10. His TikTok videos that were published on YouTube are not available now.

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