Who Is Buff Girl From TikTok? Everything On Age, Instagram and Height

Who Is Buff Girl From TikTok? Everything We Should Know About

Who Is Buff Girl From TikTok? Everything We Should Know About

Who is the Buff Girl from TikTok? Learn everything about the newest TikTok sensation. 

Networking sites like TikTok have redefined the definition of “celebrity.” In this modern world, people can become famous sitting inside their homes and uploading random content, all thanks to the Internet and social media. 

Out of everyone, TikTok has become a blessing for teenagers, especially. They have been able to make content that can attract millions of people around the globe, both teenagers and adults. 

In the matrix of famous Tiktokers, a new face has found its way recently. She is getting viral on TikTok by the name, Buff Girl. Here’s everything about her. 

Who Is Buff Girl From TikTok? 

Buff Girl from TikTok is no other than the beautiful, Marly Esteves. She is a gymnast and is getting a lot of fame for her gym-made body on TikTok. Moreover, she also uploads gym tutorials on TikTok. 


##duet with @ev0playz

♬ Thisisnotmysound – HAYDIN GREENE

As of now, She has almost 2 million followers on TikTok. Similarly, the TikToker has been able to amass over 30 million likes. Marly went viral with a dance video on TikTok. 

Buff Girl Age, Instagram, And Height

Even though her body looks quite matured, Marly Esteves is just 14 years old, as per her bio on TikTok. She has maintained an excellent body with good height at such a young age. 

Besides, you can find the Buff Girl on Instagram as well. She created her Instagram account just a week ago and it already has over 36k followers. 

Buff Girl Parents And Family

For a 14-year old, Buff Girl looks surprisingly independent. However, nothing is known yet about her parents and family except for her real name, which is Marly Esteves. 

Besides, Marly also has a cute puppy. But she has not appeared with anyone who can be implied as her boyfriend until now. 

And yet another internet prodigy finds the right note on TikTok. Join the video networking site to know her. 

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