Who Is Captain Deplorable TikTok? His YouTube, Real Name And Age

Who Is Captain Deplorable TikTok? His YouTube, Real Name  And Age

Who Is Captain Deplorable TikTok? His YouTube, Real Name  And Age

Who is Captain Deplorable on Tiktok? Get to know his YouTube real name age and Wikipedia by reading this article.

Captain Deplorable is a famous Tiktoker. His contents are very humourous as he usually mimics Donald Trump.

The funny Trump impression is well received on the Tiktok platform. In fact, his sound could even confuse Trump himself.

Who is Captain Deplorable Tiktok?

Captain Deplorable joined Tiktok a very long time ago.

The profile already has more than 75.6 thousand followers. Likewise, he has received 678.6 thousand likes until today.

In his latest post, he portrays Trump visiting Taco Bell. Then he hilariously orders two chicken cases through the Drive-Thru.


TRUMP VISITS TACO BELL! ##Trump ##TacoBell ##DriveThru ##Hungry ##Hangry ##MAGA ##USA ##AmericaFirst ##STAYLOUD ##LOUDMAJORITY

♬ original sound – Captain Deplorable

His Tiktok clip went viral overnight. It received more than 1 million views and is liked by 57 thousand viewers.

Many viewers are still surprised by his unique talent. One of them even suggested that he could be rich by impersonating Trump on phone calls.

Similarly, there is an IP2 video of him mimicking Trump. It is titled The Trump Station. The clip further enhanced his popularity.

His YouTube Channel

Captain Deplorable is also popular on Youtube.

He runs the channel under the name Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

The channel has earned more than 556 subscribers.

Captain Deplorable Real Name 

Captain Deplorable’s real name is Shawn Farash.

He is from the Long Island, New Yorker.

His Age and Wikipedia

Captain Deplorable’s age is in his 30’s.

However, we do not know his actual age.

The web star is also the creator of Long Island Loud Majority.

It was created to bring Silent Majority to a Unity to raise voice. Shawn Farash is their commander and frontman.

They energize conservatives from coast to coast to preserve Liberty and Justice for all.

The TikTok star does share his views on Twitter. His handle name is @Shawn_Farash.

Meet Him On Instagram

Captain Deplorable is active on Instagram.

His username is “@shawnfarash,” and he has amassed more than 7.9 thousand followers.

On his Instagram bio, he mentions being a high energetic guy. Moreover, he likes to make a little noise.

The founder of Captain Deplorable usually shares funny political memes.

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