Who is Chloe Jure Racist Tiktok? School, Age And Instagram Bio

Chloe Jure Racist Tiktok: School, Age, Instagram And 10 Facts

Chloe Jure Racist Tiktok: School, Age, Instagram And 10 Facts

Who is Chloe Jure? Chloe Jure has been popular these days as a TikTok star but for some reason, she has permanently deleted her TikTok videos.

She rose into the limelight after posting a TikTok video which was totally humiliating for the African-American community. Apart from that, from Reddit discussions, we have found out that she always discriminates against them and also bullies other LGBT students in her high school. 

Name Chloe Jure
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Star
Married/Single Single
Education Redlands East Valley High School
Instagram @chloejuretheracist, @chloebjure (deleted)
Tiktok @chloebjure

She seems to be a proud racist as per reports claimed by Max Preps. Currently, she is also an athlete who plays soccer for her high school team and wears jersey number 3. To find out more interesting facts about this TikTok star, you can read the 10 facts that we have mentioned below.

10 Facts on Chloe Jure:

  1. Chloe Jure, a racist TikTok star rose into the limelight when she started posting videos on her TikTok account that were totally racist. 
  2. Talking about her school, Chloe Jure has been currently attending Redlands East Valley High School and per reports, she will be graduating as early as 2025.
  3. Speaking about Chloe Jure’s age, she is definitely in her teens but we are not sure how old she actually is. 
  4. Previously, Chloe Jure was active on Instagram as @chloebjure but now, we can only find her active on another Instagram account under the username @chloejuretheracist. Basically, her old account is already deleted. 
  5. Since you won’t find Chloe Jure’s bio anywhere on the internet, we hope you will learn every possible thing about her after reading these 10 facts. 
  6. As of now, she is active on TikTok as @chloebjure and after reading her bio there, we are pretty much sure she has learned her mistake. 
  7. Moreover, Chloe Jure aka chloebjure is originally from Redlands, California, USA. Thus, her nationality is said to be American. 
  8. Furthermore, we can confirm that she stands at a height of approximately 5 feet and 1 inch. 
  9. As of now, she is definitely not earning and thus, there is nothing to know about her salary or net worth.
  10. Also, we are absolutely clueless about her parents and also her other family members. 

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