Who is Jessica Krug? Professor Wiki, Age, Husband, Family

Jessica Krug

Jessica Krug

Jessica Krug is a professor at George Washington University. She has written in America, Latin America, Africa, diaspora, and about identity as well. She even claims her own Latina heritage and black as well. But the article which was published on Monday.com, she revealed that she is white.

Jessica Krug said that she is white but had lived her life in a black community. She opened up that black was so abused by white people. She said that black are not provided with a right to opened up bout their identity, their values, and others. They are being suppressed by the white every time.

Name Jessica Krug
Age 30-40
Gender female
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Nationality American.
Ethnicity white
Profession Professor


10 Facts on Jessica Krug:

  1. Jessica Krug has not mentioned her actual date of birth and place of birth so we are not sure about her exact age.
  2. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches but her weight and other body measurements are not revealed.
  3. Jessica Krug has never disclosed anything about her family, her parents. So information related to her family is under review.
  4. She probably may have siblings but she has not unfolded the name of her brothers and sisters.
  5. Jessica Krug is single as per research, information about her boyfriend or husband is hidden.
  6. She is the professor at George Washington University and it is said that she has been teaching 6 classes in this university.
  7. She has written and published mainly about black lives as said that she is black but an article published on Sep 3 revealed that she is white.
  8. Jessica Krug apologizes to everyone for lying and she has been hoping that everyone will forgive her for that.
  9. Jessica Krug was the finalist of Frederich Douglass Book prize and Harriet Tubman.
  10. She is not so active on Instagram and Twitter. But her speech is available on Youtube. She has written books like Kisama and The politics of freedom.

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