Who is Ketrickwileysr From TikTok? Age, Instagram Bio

Who is Ketrickwileysr From TikTok? Everything To Know About

Who is Ketrickwileysr From TikTok? Everything To Know About

Ketrickwileysr is a TikToker with millions of views who has gone viral for its UNO card trick. The creator Ketrickwileysr is  just a small toddler who does tricks with cards and posts videos of him being ‘gangsta’. 

The cuteness factor of the videos has made him viral and most of his videos get more than 1 million views. As a matter of fact, one of his videos has gotten more than 16 million views. 

Name Ketrickwileysr
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession TikToker
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Single
Tiktok ketrickwileysr

♬ original sound – Chandler🗣

10 Facts About Ketrickwileysr 

  1. Ketrickwileysr on TikTok is a toddler and while his age has not been revealed, he is less than 10 years old as of September 2020. 
  2. He doesn’t have an Instagram page but may have a huge following on a secret Instagram page that has not been revealed to the public. 
  3. As for his other social media accounts, he has more than 536,000 followers on TikTok. In addition to this, he also has more than 7.7 million likes and multimillion views. 
  4. His first TikTok video was only uploaded more than 3 days ago and has already made him a superstar. 
  5. Ketrickwileysr whose real name is Ketrick Wiley Sr. is an American and has African-American ethnicity. 
  6. Similarly, he is too young to have a regular job but has already established himself as a TikToker. He featured his father and sister Niya aka niya_savv22 on one of his videos. 
  7. In addition to this, he also has a Reddit following that is loyal to his TikTok videos.
  8. The child star is a sensation on social media and has amassed a huge following. 
  9. While he is still very young he is sure to become one of the biggest social media stars in the future. He is also a talented dancer and an impersonator. 
  10. There is no information on the names of his parents or his family. He is one of the biggest child stars on TikTok. 

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