Who Is Kewon Dontrell White? Age, Arrested, Instagram Bio: Mo3 Shooting

Who Is Kewon Dontrell White? Mo3 Shooting Suspect Instagram And Arrest

Who Is Kewon Dontrell White? Mo3 Shooting Suspect Instagram And Arrest

Kewon Dontrell White has been in the headlines today after being arrested for the fatal shooting of rapper Mo3. The shooting suspect  Kewon Dontrell White has recently been charged for Mo3‘s murder that happened last month. Talking about Mo3, he was a popular rapper who had released some amazing rap songs like Broken Love, Everybody, One Of Them Days Again, etc. 

Name Kewon Dontrell White
Age 22 years
Gender Male
Nationality American

It is believed that the suspect had shot Mo3 when he was driving on Interstate 35E, very close to Dallas Zoo. According to the police, the suspect had come out of a black Chevy Camero and had carried a gun. Since a lot of evidence was stating that Kewon had been in the place where Mo3 was shot, he was arrested by the Dallas police. 

10 Facts on Kewon Dontrell White:

  1. Kewon Dontrell White is the suspect in killing Mo3 whose real name was Melvin Noble on November 11, 2020. 
  2. Although he has been arrested, it has not yet been proven that it was he who killed Mo3
  3. According to the reports from The Sun, Kewon Dontrell White’s current age is exactly 22 years only.
  4. Moreover, it has been known that Mo3 had run away from his car but the gunman followed him and had shot him at the back of his head. 
  5. As per Kewon Dontrell White’s bio, he has been kept in federal custody right now in charge of possessing a firearm. 
  6. Furthermore, nothing has yet been known about his profession or net worth. 
  7. Speaking about Kewon Dontrell White’s background, he is definitely from Dallas, Texas, USA. Thus, his nationality is said to be American.
  8. Currently, there is nothing to know about his height, weight, and also his body measurements. 
  9. From Fox4News, we have found out that Kewon Dontrell White’s mugshots (pictures after being arrested) have not yet been released. 
  10. Even though we cannot find Kewon Dontrell White’s information on any wiki sites, we hope you have now learned a lot about this man after reading these 10 facts. 

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