Who is Kimberly Alexander? Meet Tristan Thompson Baby Mama On Instagram

Who is Kimberly Alexander? Meet Tristan Thompson Baby Mama On Instagram

Who is Kimberly Alexander? Meet Tristan Thompson Baby Mama On Instagram

Kimberly Alexander age in 2021 is yet to be revealed. As per her looks, she is probably around her 30s.

Kimberly Alexander is recognized as a published model. The adult model is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Apart from that, she is also a member of Airbnb Property Management.

She also has an official OnlyFans account. The subscription amount is $11 per month. So, if you are willing to see her explicit photos, Kimberly warmly welcomes you.

Kimberly Alexander Age Explored

Kimberly Alexander’s current age is not known. However, we know that her former partner, Tristan Thompson is 29 years old.

After continuously alleging Tristan was her child’s father, it convinced him to file a libel suit against Kimberly. In fact, Tristan and his current partner hired one of the best lawyers, Marty Singer, to solve this problem.

Is Kimberly Alexander On Instagram?

Kimberly Alexander is active on Instagram (Ig), for sure. In fact, she is widely recognized as a social media personality.

Talking more about her account, she has approximately 81.5 thousand followers. She shares her beautiful pictures there. Apart from that, we can also find her family photos on Instagram. You can find a lot of her son’s pictures there.

Who Is Kimberly Alexander? Meet Tristan Thompson Baby Mama

Kimberly Alexander is best known for being Tristan Thompson‘s baby mama. She believes that Tristan is the father of her 5 years old son.

However, he has clearly denied such claims. Currently, he shares a romantic relationship with Khloé Kardashian, and the couples also share a daughter. Recently, Kimberly created a drama on the internet claiming that Khloé and Tristan had allegedly tried to scare her.

According to her, she was continuously disturbed by someone who had been knocking on her door continuously. She even took the incident on Instagram and even tagged Tristan to stop such behavior as she is confident that she won’t move away from California.

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