Who Is RTE Correspondent Ingrid Miley? Age And Wikipedia

Who Is RTE Correspondent Ingrid Miley? Age And Wikipedia

Who Is RTE Correspondent Ingrid Miley? Age And Wikipedia

What is Ingrid Miley Age? Her Wikipedia details have piqued the public interest following her departure from RTE News.

Miley is an eminent journalist based in Ireland. And, she is best known as the  RTE Correspondent.

As of now, she is in the limelight after she announced her retirement from RTE. The lady declared her retirement through Twitter on 4th June 2021.

Ingrid Miley Age: How Old?

Ingrid Miley’s age is around 52 years old.

Though the details regarding her exact age and date of birth are not revealed, we assumed her age on the basis of her recent photographs.

However, her birth took place in Ireland so she endures Irish nationality.

RTE Correspondent Ingrid Miley On Wikipedia?

Ingrid Miley’s Wikipedia is undocumented.

Meanwhile, this article on the other hand sheds light on her bio.

Ingrid has been serving as a journalist for several decades now.

Also, she qualified as a Barrister in 2003.

Furthermore, the lady was currently serving as an Industry and Employment correspondent at RTE News. However, she recently retired.

Prior to that she also worked for the Irish Times.

Ingrid Miley Husband

Miley and her husband have built a beautiful family.

As per the source, her husband is known as Mr. Corrigan. But his first name is not revealed.

Similarly, Mr. Corrigan is an executive producer in the film industry.

Speaking of Ingrid’s children, she must have children but their details surrounding them is off the record.

Ingrid Net Worth Explained

Miley’s net worth is expected to be colossal.

Though we are not sure about the exact figure on her earnings, we assume she has been a lucrative life from being an eminent news presenter. 

Meet Her On Twitter

Ingrid Miley is available on Twitter under the handle @ingridmileyRTE.

She joined the platform in February 2011 and has 21.7k people following her tweets.

Similarly, most of her tweets are based on current affairs.


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