Who Is Trixxie World? Face Reveal, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Tiktok, Real Name

Who Is Trixxie World? Face Reveal, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Tiktok

Who Is Trixxie World? Face Reveal, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Tiktok

Trixxie World is a TikTok star. Through a popular video-making app called TikTok, many people have garnered success. And among them, the talented star, which goes by the name of Trixxie World, is also the one. She has attracted millions of her followers by her pink bunny mask on her face. It is for sure that her hidden face will capture people’s hearts when she reveals her face.

Besides being a TikTok star, Trixxie World is also a YouTuber, Online gamer, and a musician. She has also launched her singles like All Of My Life and Stuck On You.

Name Trixxie World
Gender Female
Profession TikTok star and Musician
Instagram @trixxieworld
Tiktok @trixxieworld
Youtube Trixxie World

10 Facts About Trixxie World

  1. Trixxie  World has not revealed her real face yet. Her fans are eager to know her real name and look. But, she is not ready to show her face to date.
  2. Trixxie World has teased her Tiktok followers several times regarding revealing the face behind her pink bunny. In April 2020, she reached 1 million followers and said she would uncover her face. But, she did not stay true to her words.
  3. Similarly, Trixie World made her fans curious by uploading a video titled Face Revealed on her TikTok account in September 2020. Again, she hid her face by editing another look. The video has around 457.5k likes and 17.4k followers as of 18th November 2020.
  4. Following the same tactics, she again chose not to disclose her face on her video, which she uploaded on 16th November 2020 by ding duet with another user. In the video, Trixie World and her duet have revealed celebrities’ faces like Marshmello, Sia, and Daft Punk. 
  5. Though Trixxie World has not shown her face to date, the bio on her TikTok account tells that she will expose her face after gaining 5 million followers.
  6. Moving into the Trixxie world’s age, she has kept it secret, much like her identity.
  7. Being the famous TikTok, Instagram star, and singer, Trixxie World sure earns a lot. As a result, she might have accumulated a huge net worth.
  8. As of November 2020, Trixxie World has about 1.2 million followers on her TikTok account, trixxieworld. And she has about 11.7 million likes.
  9. Trixxie World is also active on Instagram as trixxieworld. She has about 108k followers.
  10. Besides TikTok and Instagram, Trixxie World also has a self-titled YouTube channel. Her channel has about 7.02k followers. As of writing the article, she has uploaded about 14 videos.

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